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floating away like a linen lady


today was nice and heat-wave like. 92 last i checked, and sunny and zero clouds and not too humid.  i could have slept forever, but i rose and walked to school- all the while enjoying the breeze and the sky and the people around me.  i left a bit early to be truthful, but i visited the farmer’s market- the beautiful farmer’s market.  of course i spent too much money, but it was all for the better.  mr. i joined me, and we purchased nice ripe rhubarb and kale, tarragon, thyme, basil, & a yellow zinnia.  we traveled back to the flat, where i made up a strawberry rhubarb shortcake, and we sat on the roof and drank fresh squeezed blood red orange juice and ate leftover strawberries and enjoyed the golden delicous rays of sunshine that fell upon us.  when he left i decided i’d be lazy so i napped, and then woke up and make dinner for A and myself, which was a very simple greek burger (lean turkey meat, red peppers and onion in the patty, with homemade tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, and tomatoes) and we have been watching top chef masters ever since.

i’m drowning in research paper hell now, and i have no idea when i will be retiring to my room.  school still lasts a while more- i can’t even taste summer, it’s so sad, and i’m becoming lazier by the moment.  june 11th, date of official liberty.  too bad today’s only the 26th.  deities make me strong and guide me through this abyss of mist. i have a day and a half left of this week and then welcome long holiday weekend.


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dearest, oh dearest.

craving some stuffed peppers and iced nice coffee.

i keep blogging right before i go to bed, and then while in the midst of a terribly good sentence, i fall asleep. shame on enfin for not realizing this trend. anyway! happy last day of avril. it’s been quite a short month- absolutely insane to think that i’ve gotten all the way to late spring and early summer. 2010, as i had wished when it was 2009, has not been up to par to be quite frank. there have been good moments and bad ones, but nothing defining- thus nothing that i will remember the year at this point. this past week has been busy, but certainly not my busiest- in fact, i feel as though i haven’t accomplished jack shit (to be blunt) at school. it only seems like i’ve played tennis- through wind, hail, rain and sunshine- oh and 32 degree weather. i’m still getting into the swing of things- seeing as this is my first week back from april break. three tennis matches- two practices, tonight… last match. i’m not planning on doing too much this weekend- seeing as i feel incredibly lazy right now, so lazy that it seems as though i’ve forgotten how to answer my telephone or even log on to facebook.

i went to SPACE wednesday, surprise surprise, right? it was Johnny Cash Tribute Evening which is held there every year.  all the proceeds went to the betterment of prisons in New England, and there were a bunch of kick ass bands there who spit out the best J. Cash and J. Carter songs. I danced and danced my little heart idle. Prior to that i visited bates- a small oasis in the town of lewiston (which i have always perceived to be trashy… but bates belongs in cambridge bitches). i know that i wouldn’t like attending there, but it was nice to get out of hell for a day.

i know that i’m being wordy… and i’m beating around the bush, so below is a list of truths i’ve been meaning to get out in the open for quite some time but have obviously had a bit of trouble doing:

-i lost my first tennis match
-i am applying to spend a month on the ocean during this summer, where a bunch of students as well as myself will be studying ways to help preserve the world’s biggest ecosystem- the sea.
-i still have writer’s block
-i definitely am not a team player
-i need to work on my attitude

there we go. out in the open. i’m so stoked (oh god, who am i turning into…) for the summer. i’ve been trying to figure out things to do and this would be great- although i am feeling rather pressured because i wanted to (and when i say wanted to… that mean i really wanted to) take a photo class, rent a darkroom at the bakery, be with meredith as much as i could be, work a regular schedule, beach and driving around and because i said that, driver’s ed, spend time in boston teaching le langue d’amour, and of course, go camping. who knows if i’ll even make it into this program- if i do, then wonderful! i’ll totally go about that and help save the ocean, but if i don’t than that’s wonderful too. i won’t be sore either way. i’ve been trying to learn that everything happens for some bigger reason, and i am no longer enticed to know why those sorts of things happen. if i could help change the world in some way, than i would most certainly do so. i hope though, that i will have fun (in fact, i know i will)! the good news about this program though is that its 4 days a week, and there is only one instance where it goes all 7.  the remainder of the week (ie 3 days) belong to me and i can go home etc. plus when we’re hanging intown learning, that means i can just go home when the day is done and do whatever i like then. oooh the advantages of being a child with no strings attached- i must say its a breath of fresh air.

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cravings- what’s going on with iceland?


wouldn’t it be great if every day was like today? serene and warm and filled with little pleasures like homemade iced tea with mint sprigs, trips to cambridge, and repeats of project runway? stuffed peppers and my uncle’s infamous meatballs topped off this evening, and an outing to JP Licks is in order within the next hour or so. black coffee on the porch at 9am, and walks in the arboritum. i just love my boston life. i have a lot of work to do now, seeing as i’m back in my home region- research papers of faulkner’s work, math work, and science prep- big time. in addition, i have practice daily, work (hopefully not daily), visits with beautiful bela, and a tea outing. then the low anthem show at space, norms for dinner, greek salads and brunch at local. wonderfully busy, yet that’s just how i like it. i have film to develop, books to devour, recipes to make, and bike rides to take. tomorrow… 4/20. what a day. not that i care. in any way shape or form. so to my friends who choose to indulge in the herb- have fun, don’t be stupid, and remember, jesus liked canibis too. bus ride at some point tomorrow. coming home with a closet load of vintage frocks, and 90s drab. hair needs to be trimmed and i really HAVE to do my homework…by thursday at the latest.

i could go for some chocolat croissants and a cup of mint tea.



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a day of baking

i really really really want to bake that blackberry plum tart. unfortunately… today will not be a good day to do so, unless i get another case of the midnight baking blues. which i may, you never know.  i guess i should prepare for that and buy my blackberries and plums after my meeting. its a manic monday in maine.  temperatures dropped back down to the forties! how terrible. but i guess that’s how the weather should be. no more ethel for a while. i’m not really looking forward to the rest of the day- two classes down, two to go.  then a tennis meeting, global studies program, and then PYAC. why oh why do i do this to myself? a night of reading faulkner’s the sound and the fury and trig and whatever else i’m supposed to do. i think baking would really help me get through the next 14 hours.



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we will hustle hustle hustle to be free

I awoke with the dreaded thought that it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but it wasn’t! ’twas only noon, so i was a bit happier than i initially thought.  i watched a bit of stupid cable, and then i headed to arabica for toast and cafe noir and some camraderie with anna.  while there i eavesdropped and heard about this wonderful little yardsale that cap’in hanna was having! she’s a great tattooist and she is moving all the way to san fransisco! so i went up and i scored… i don’t even know how to put it any other way than that.  i got a very sweet vintage skirt, about eight lovely t-shirts, a cowboy shirt with plaid trim, a crocheted framed picture of dauchsands, and finally a spectacular framed poster of the exhibit FAMILY ALBUMS! the thing that made everything so great was the price! i only spent ten dollars, and i don’t think i will have the need to buy shirts for quite sometime! yay! over time pictures will pop up, but right now i’m really lazy and don’t feel like taking a picture of everything i got.

when i got home i was locked out, so i sat in the hallway and had to listen to my neighbor’s atrocious soundtrack of buck cherry and killa 80s bands.  i don’t know how long i sat on the floor for, and in addition to my waiting, i had no phone, ipod, and obviously no key.  pure torture, but sheer amusement.  when i finally got let in, i busied myself with laundry and sunday chores, and then finally got to cook! i made gnocchi (homemade) with brown butter kale sage sauce with white wine. i don’t know what to call the sauce because all the ingredients are equally delicious! i also made chocolate ice cream sandwiches with the popovers and chocolate sauce.  i’m planning on posting the recipes tomorrow! i also did about two hours of biology homework, and i skipped studying for history and studying the west nile virus.  i hate third quarter more than anything in the entire world. well…not really.  although this week i think i get out early wednesday, thursday, and friday! that means either i get to work longer (equals more cash earned) or i get to take afternoon naps which are always so helpful!

how was your sunday? for some reasons i just love sundays…perhaps because they are so banasuic, but also because they are comforting.

i am feeling: tired and tummy aches, not ready for the rain or for forty degree weather, i hate mondays i hate mondays!, curiousity kills de cats….i want to have a haus party with dinner and white wine!

ps: i kinda want to make a blackberry plum tart! this week i’m super inspired to cook.  tomorrow i’m making a radish cucumber vietnamese salad with white rice and miso soup, wednesday i’m making cauliflower and kale soup, and thursday i was thinking honey dijon chicken with beets and sauteed mushrooms! coookity cookity cook! i wish i had someone to cook for.