enfin's reality

a day of baking

i really really really want to bake that blackberry plum tart. unfortunately… today will not be a good day to do so, unless i get another case of the midnight baking blues. which i may, you never know.ย  i guess i should prepare for that and buy my blackberries and plums after my meeting. its a manic monday in maine.ย  temperatures dropped back down to the forties! how terrible. but i guess that’s how the weather should be. no more ethel for a while. i’m not really looking forward to the rest of the day- two classes down, two to go.ย  then a tennis meeting, global studies program, and then PYAC. why oh why doย i do this to myself? a night of reading faulkner’s the sound and the fury and trig and whatever else i’m supposed to do. i think baking would really help me get through the next 14 hours.