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don’t stop

this rain needs to END.  i don’t need to feel any worse than i currently am- and the rain always adds on to that.  tired of running- though my body needs to move, because i haven’t moved it in quite sometime.

i miss kimchi.  i miss b108.  i miss seoul and everything it has to offer.  cambridge is disappointing.  oona’s got screwed over and is now cleaner and more organized than i see fit.  a stag visit to garment district tomorrow, followed by a sean kingston concerto.

it seems as though once your life begins changing, it continues to change and change and change, and then you’re left with a pile of befuddlement, and you don’t quite know what to do.  in my case, i suppose all i can do, is read, learn, run, and make do with the situation i’ve got.  maybe a vacation is in order… though i suppose this one hasn’t ended quite yet.

perhaps in this instance, distance is for the greater good- and whatever is there may survive (though knowing how i work, it won’t).  i can dream though.  awaiting on fucking photoshops to develop my shit- though i’ll be incredibly reluctant to look at the photos because i’ll just be even more weary of my surroundings.

so it goes… life is

everything and nothing.  why can’t you just be next to me thinking these thoughts and making this normal?

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i think i’ll go into hibernation because i’m depressed.

the best summer of my life is on the brink of ending, and now i’m unsure of what to do with myself.

good news is that i have a fresh path to start come september, and i have a plane ticket that will bring me anywhere in the united states.

obviously, seoul isn’t in the united states, but i will find myself travelling there once again, in the oh so near future.

while i will be blogging about my trip- i’m a bit fatigued at the moment, and this is what i want to leave you with:

“everything you do in life defines you.  every decision- no matter how trivial, in part goes into your definition.  there are so many different options on how to go about so many different paths.  if you pick the wrong one today, it doesn’t mean you’ll pick the wrong one tomorrow.  spend a little more time doing, and a little less time being analytical.”

spoken by a true wiseman, and a true friend.

“remember this in a way that makes your heart feel healthiest.  remember them the way you feel most fitting.”

i most definitely experienced with my heart opposed to my head.

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& we’ll see how it goes

i finished saving the ocean officially- but i plan to continue my studies of sustainability in the gulf of maine- focusing specifically on the preservation of fishing culture- something i find incredibly important.  it’s ironic, the way the month turned out.  as i began my studies, i was filled with dread- in part due to the people i was with, and then because its easy to get depressed the more you learn about the current state of the ocean.  but i was pleasantly surprised- as was the majority of people i was with.  i can’t even begin to recap all of our shenanigans- both inside of the program and outside.  all of our trips to the tressels and to salmon falls were worth every minute of agony and worry.  i could not have asked for a group of better people to have spent the month with.  while we had our moments- what with insulting supertramp, and getting stitches, and having our tents flood- they are all outdone with the best times.  napping during the rain storm, sea kayaking, sniping whales- not literally, kicking ass in mini-golf, and are you hot mamas?, i will always remember.  especially the greek yoghurt.  i even enjoyed sitting in back of the black bullet and being forced into an erika sandwich.  adding onto that, i could even say i put up with odd mood swings, morning swims, beach fires, g-sesh’s, cookin’ tofu, jumping off things, 85spf, flower crowns, and bein’ on boats.  oh how pleased i was with all the greek yoghurt i consumed.  now i have a seven day rest until i jet off to south korea with a group of 100 kids.  it’s so crazy.  non-stop this entire summer.  but that’s the best way, if not the only way.  but yes, as the wisest always say, we’ll see how it goes.


i hope it goes in a direction that i can appreciate.  even though my grandmother has clearly stated that right now is the best time to play the field.  i am not sure if i understand/agree, but que sera, sera.  i have been writing and taking photos, so i need to keep some cash handy, so i can develop all my film.  i’m starting to believe that this may in fact be the best summer i’ve ever had.  so keep it coming summer gods, keep it coming.



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i am so excited.  earlier this week- or perhaps last week, i was complaining about waiting for responses from 2 of 3 summer programs i applied to- the DC democracy in action, and the full scholarship south korea trip.  I got into both! I AM SO enthralled. it’s the first time in quite some time that i feel accomplished.  in addition to those two programs i’m also doing the sos program in july.  i’m leaving for korea in august for two weeks, and dc is sooner than later.  june 13th! oh man, i’m just so excited. i can’t even write, that’s how excited i am.  i will do a proper enfinoui post as the day ends. i’m rather tired and i’m trying to make my kraft mac and cheese and my brother is on his way over.


as a postscript: Let’s celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.