enfin's reality

headed out at daybreak

needless to say, this photo is rad and terrifying at the same time.  rebecca took it…. and it’s almost like, sniper vision.  i don’t know.  her zoom quality sucks ass, but it also makes me look pretty chic, what with some dark dark lipstick against my pale pale skin.  truth be told- i ain’t wearin’ lippy.  but i pretty much adore the photo because i’m next to jourdan and joroyd and i look pale, so woohoo.  oh yes.  this was taken in DC on the way to chinatown.  it makes me miss my friends from the NO but i know that i’ll seem ’em when the time is buku right.

on a different note- let’s move past this evening and missing bear in heaven.  i was with miss bela today, and we didn’t do much besides go to the shmall and turn into the lame droids.  yesterday was interesting enough though.  i divulged my life to my therapist- not really, but in essence, sort of.  i scored some vintage frocks and a skirt at the clothing swap and gained 20 pounds from the tortellini pizza that otto’s makes so darn well.  meredith arrived home today- though i haven’t seen her yet.  morning adventure as of tomorrow- with film & tea and being in the sunrays  on the pier.  let’s hope for a wonderful & packed week coming up.

is it possible for me to be a lovesick teenager without a lover? i feel justified to say yes.  i’m in love with life, with the sun, with good company, healthy food, no sleep, literature, conversations, and letting loose.  miss bela said she’d help me revive my lookbook, so i’m oh so glad.  it’s been way overdue, me posting my outfits- and i even considered starting a fashion blog, but why, when i can use lookbook to my advantage? we’ll be doing a shoot on this upcoming wednesday, and maybe i’ll have a mini one prior to that date, just to ease the folks before going all out on em.



ps; i miss my almond soy milk- instead i’ve been drinkin’ cuke infused water and lots and lots of caffine. fuck the regimine- let me be who i am and drink what i want. yes, that includes some white wine sangria and a pbr on the side… SHHHH.

enfin's reality

the livin’s easy

it’s been a while, but i’m back in maine and i’m really sad.  i met a group of people from new orleans, that i really bonded with, and for the first time in my entire life, i have felt completely accepted for who i am, and didn’t have to try to act another way.  i’m not even sure where to begin, because dc was phenomenal.  we were delayed a day though because our plane broke down, so sunday, i stayed at PWM for 13 hours before being told to go home.  i wish we had been on time, just so i could have spent more time with everyone.  jay millz was my roomate, and she liked to rap and play harmonica, sans her i would have been beaucoup lonely.  i was adopted by the new orleans crowd, and i was really happy.  we did the tourist thing- ie goin’ to the mall and the monuments and what not. but we also went to baltimore and annapolis. everynight we ordered cheesy bread and had a party in 125, and we were always late for curfew.  we’d get crunk to drake, and sleep a total of four hours before heading out into the humid wretched d.c. weather.  i’ll miss them all so dearly, but am planning to visit them come mardi gras and they’re planning on coming up for the summer/winter. i really will miss shakila, jourdan, joroyd, and kortney. our adventures were better than the majority i’ve shared with my friends in portland, and i feel a bit shunned because they’re all lucky and go to school with one another, whereas i’m stuck in maine sans the NO crew. this morning was really upsetting, i woke up at 5am, and packed and what not, then woke up joroyd and we went outside to talk for a while, but were interrupted when the troops from maine and hawaii came outside, so then we rushed to get my stuff loaded onto the bus, and had a sad good bye together, same with shakila and jourdan.  *they even chased after the bus with blown kisses and sad faces* i really appreciate them as people and even though our time was short, i feel like i learned a lot about them.  as of now, i’m super tired, seeing as i haven’t had a real night’s sleep in over a week and a half.  maybe my round trip ticket from airtran that i got from waiting for 13hrs, will get me to new orleans, if not it will get me to san fransisco.  i will do a proper update tomorrow while i’m working.  for now, enfin bids the blogosphere good evening!


enfin's reality

burn down down down


i’m about to embark on finals in a mere fourteen hours, and i’m lacking the preparation i should have.  too bad i plan not to study for the remainder of this week, besides a few key elements tomorrow evening (the only night i plan to work). its so sunny and joyous and overwhelming, that i don’t see why i ought to spend my time cooped up inside reading. i’d rather go find friends and play frisbee and enjoy the graass, and take walks on the promenades.

today i took a wonderful afternoon nap, after i downed a thirty ounce fair trade iced coffee and watched the cooking network.  i’m about to head up to sillys for my last dinner with A until two weeks from now, and then i’m gonna go shoot a roll of film, read huck finn, go grocery shopping, and take a nice cold bath.  after my one final tomorrow, i’m darkroom processing for a good chunk a’ time, and then chatting with an advisor and getting more organic coffee to soothe the soul.  evening is a night filled with brain-racking work- mathematic equations followed by reviews of english lit that i could careless about. i’m with m wednesday, and we’re going to the market and making dinner and listening to music and dancing and never sleeping. i have to finish a water colour by thursday, so i can get it pressed and copied by friday, and then as of 11:15 am vendredi morning, i am liberated and content and so divine, the day couldn’t be more dynamic. off to dc sunday, ooh la la, so excited… not really. i’m ready for a relaxing week in portland, but to be honest, i don’t think i’ll have many of those this upcoming season. mr i and myself are goin’ to street & co to celebrate- reservation @ 8 on friday, and then i plan on havin’ a good time.

(let’s forget the spring break part)

let’s pray i survive the week.


postscriptum: this past weekend was rather great! i visited with my dear friend sean, and we watched 10 things i hate about you while eating our baguettes et croissants and then we listened to bob dyl on vinyl while watching the rain in the comfort of my room. oh to being young, and artsy!

enfin's reality





i am so excited.  earlier this week- or perhaps last week, i was complaining about waiting for responses from 2 of 3 summer programs i applied to- the DC democracy in action, and the full scholarship south korea trip.  I got into both! I AM SO enthralled. it’s the first time in quite some time that i feel accomplished.  in addition to those two programs i’m also doing the sos program in july.  i’m leaving for korea in august for two weeks, and dc is sooner than later.  june 13th! oh man, i’m just so excited. i can’t even write, that’s how excited i am.  i will do a proper enfinoui post as the day ends. i’m rather tired and i’m trying to make my kraft mac and cheese and my brother is on his way over.


as a postscript: Let’s celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.