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i’m quite pleased with how the next few days are shaping up.  today, i barely have any classes, and then i’m headed up to brunswick to spend some time with one of my best friends! i’m feeling an adventure in my bones.

friday renders NO CLASSES.  so i’ll be able to sleep in, make some macaroons, and maybe even get some food blogging done.  i’m sure i’ll also be seeing sammy blue eyes.  the weekend is rather typical- working brunches, and house-sitting for once.   i may even decide to tackle the task of making bagels.  i’m thinking i will.  also, i’ll be hardcore prepping for a very important discussion i’ll be leading on monday- wish me luck please!

i can’t wait for the warm weather to come back, so i can stick my head out of car windows and watch the world whizzing by me.  the grill off will also take place when it’s sunny out, so please mister SUN, come out come out wherever you are!

tonight’s been full of nice things.  a bit of capote, and a full stomach of the shoyu ramen from pai men miyake.  homemade vietnamese iced coffee has definitely perked me up.  a two and a half hour nap was also wonderful if you don’t mind me saying.  Young the Giant has been makin’ me smile all day long too- so check em, bros.


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a snapshot


oh summer, can’t you hurry up? today was the last day of my vacation, and my banal life resumes tomorrow at 7am once again.  45 day countdown though, that’s always promising. this upcoming week is ridiculous.  three tennis matches, two work days, endless projects due, college visits, and meetings galore. i can’t say that i’m excited to getting back to routine, seeing as i hate routine anyway. but one week down, means one week closer to summer and finals. i need to contact the bakery for darkroom rentals, pick up some film, writesome ficitons, watch entourage, and get some sleep. i feel drained already. i need to make money also. can’t say i’ve been good at working lately. i also suppose the busier the week, the quicker it’ll go by. wednesday is johnny cash tribute night at SPACE.  it’s also 10 months since my father passed. crazy how time does fly. currently, my head is throbbing in endless pain, and i really could use an asprin. i have been babysitting for quite some time….. can’t say i’ve had the best time. i just want to sleep. and cook. maybe i’ll go home and eat some of that chocolate cake i baked the other day. i’m so excited for the summer, can’t wait for sunrises, pinot grigio, weekend getaways, finishing stories, developing film, and biking around.  OH. i bought this wonderful pair of heels from neimans…. i believe they’re from the 70s, but they’re wonderful. perhaps a photo tomorrow. but until then…