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it’s my pleasure

it’s been way too long, i know, i know- but i’m back aaand i’m here to stay.  happy may everyone- yeah i’m aware i’m 22 days late, but i’d like to say happy may anyway.  the weather has been wretched, might i add, there’s been little to no sun, and this makes me quite sad.

i just want the summer to hurry up.  this past week has been quite blissful.  i like that school’s nearing an end, and that i’m free all summer to do what i want, work where i like, and those sorts of things.  beach days everyday makes me smile just when i start to think about it.  besides that, i’m just counting down to exams– this week marks the beginning of review (!) and then school’s out.

I have a feeling that the summer is going to be a great one to say the least- let’s hope i’m right about that.  i want to update this blog more often- seeing as i focus a lot of my attention of vin et grub (which will soon be undergoing a makeover!!!).  so now that free time is beginning to surface, expect to see more of me on here.



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ah i want to look like her!

this girl is certainly one of my best friends. she’s supported me through a very rough time in my life, and i will never be able to thank her enough.  she lives too far away from me, and while the past  few months have been rough on both of us- we never seem to talk anymore, i want her to know that i will always love her.  quite recently she lost someone whom she was very close to, and i’ve been thinking of her ever since that occurred.  seeing her so distressed really took a toll on me emotionally, and i just want her to know that everything will brighten up down the road.  i’ll always be there for my dearest M, and i want you to do everything you can that would have made her proud.



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in short this has been the past few days.  cat naps with trout after 4pm on thursdays.  smiles and ferocious yawns, and little tiny pink noses.  waking up all to discover its a mother-effing snow day- thus bringing a celebration in my brain.  stupid celebration got in the way of learning how to conjugate malo, malle, malui.

worked brunch on saturday, learned the drill.  met dear corey jane at the squid and whale tattoo and supported her during her first ink sesh- per usual cyndi lou did a fabulous job.  chatted the afternoon away, drank some tea, and went food shopping.

made my grandmother’s yellow curry for the ladies, and gossiped and bitched all night long.  listened to britney’s newest hit, and dougied.  it was so worth it to have a ladies night, just because i sorta forgot what they’re like and how great they make you feel.  so much stuff to be said, and smiles and laughs and pocket calls.  a group of very different girl, congregating over food, gossip, and shitty jamz.

rewind to friday night- probably my favorite night so far.  fried chicken, and snuggles, and tosh.o, and blue eyes, and a new job, and a poncho, and hugs, and rob steele.

obviously we ended the night on a good sweet note- soy creamery cherry chocolate chip. YUMMYYYY.

waking up sunday.  working brunch again- this time crazier, but just as fun- if not more.  bonded with amanda, talked some J-shore business, and then left when all was said and done.  met with sammy and got some much needed coffee and splurged on music- five records and a peter gabriel cassette for our maine adventure.  all this leading up to a walk to his car in 10 degree weather and a finale of sweeney todd.

i never realized how lucky i am until today.

i’m luckier than so many people, and i’m so happy that i am.

enfin's reality

mouthful of diamonds

this was the best cake i have ever made, and it was for the best person i know.

i’m going to be absent for five or six more days, and then i promise, regular enfin posts will appear.  i think an SLR camera is underneath my tree, thus it’ll force me to blog my heart out.  no worries.  go eat some winter fare, wish me luck on my exams, and i’ll catch you on the flipflop LATEER.

enfin's reality

it’s not like i believe in everlasting love

although at this rate, i wish i did

i wish i knew how to play the accordian

and i wish i could sleep late daily

& i wish for once that someone reciprocates
it’d be nice if i could be as wise as marx.

maybe true love isn’t dead, but all i can say, is that if it does happen to exist, i’d love some hardcore proof.  or else for the rest of my life, i suppose all i’ll know about true love is that its idea makes a pretty good song.