enfin's reality

floating away like a linen lady


today was nice and heat-wave like. 92 last i checked, and sunny and zero clouds and not too humid.  i could have slept forever, but i rose and walked to school- all the while enjoying the breeze and the sky and the people around me.  i left a bit early to be truthful, but i visited the farmer’s market- the beautiful farmer’s market.  of course i spent too much money, but it was all for the better.  mr. i joined me, and we purchased nice ripe rhubarb and kale, tarragon, thyme, basil, & a yellow zinnia.  we traveled back to the flat, where i made up a strawberry rhubarb shortcake, and we sat on the roof and drank fresh squeezed blood red orange juice and ate leftover strawberries and enjoyed the golden delicous rays of sunshine that fell upon us.  when he left i decided i’d be lazy so i napped, and then woke up and make dinner for A and myself, which was a very simple greek burger (lean turkey meat, red peppers and onion in the patty, with homemade tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, and tomatoes) and we have been watching top chef masters ever since.

i’m drowning in research paper hell now, and i have no idea when i will be retiring to my room.  school still lasts a while more- i can’t even taste summer, it’s so sad, and i’m becoming lazier by the moment.  june 11th, date of official liberty.  too bad today’s only the 26th.  deities make me strong and guide me through this abyss of mist. i have a day and a half left of this week and then welcome long holiday weekend.



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