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winter 2012 mix-tape

It’s the most melancholy time of year…what’s the only cure besides beer and warm socks? Good music of course.  Enjoy it, my lovelies.  xoxo.

In This Hole – Cat Power

(What’s Your) Angle?- Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire

John DeLorean- Blue Scholars

Gloomy Sunday- Billie Holiday

Kiss Me- Tom Waits

La Noyee- Yann Tiersen

50 Pieces- Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire

Skinny Love- Bon Iver

On My Own (feat. Les Nubian & Mos Def) – The Black Eyed Peas

You Don’t Know Me- Ben Folds

Tighten Up- The Black Keys

Words of Love- Buddy Holly

Citizen- Broken Bells

Rock Bottom- Mickey Avalon

Joga- Bjork

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drop the world

everything is just falling into place.  the planets are aligned, and i’ve been so happy for the past two weeks or so.  i also don’t see it changing anytime soon so that’s a +.  2 and a half days of classes this week, and then a bit of a break and a bit of work and a bit of fun.

just thuggin out in the dirtay gham.  finally some new photos and an overdue trip to photoshops to drop off some random undeveloped rolls of film- SO EXCITED, who knows what gems they may contain.  roasting a chicken tonight- taking a trip to my miniature heaven.  friday was oh so much fun.  can’t even put it in words.  lemon stings, wu-tang clan, etc. etc.

not to be terrible or anything- but there are so many ridiculous people in coffee shops.  people who steal seats, who sing, who howl, and who are plain out wretched.  i try not to feel uncomfortable, but sometimes its really hard not to.  arabica should not be polluted with the typical crazy that peruses the congo, that’s all i have to say.

so happy.  a mixed tape posted tomorrow.  it’s actually one i made for a friendsie poo.

anyway, happy november night.


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howlin’ for you

chaos has been unleashed if you want to know my honest opinion.  in addition to dealing with chaos head on, i am currently plagued with an ailment and can’t stop coughing or being the one who sniffles opposed to blows their nose. at this point, i’m basically over eveything i had my hopes up for, for an obvious reason which is that i could just care less. but now that i say that in all honesty, it’s bound to change at some point or another.

SPACE was so spectacular last night- the middle east (pictured above) and laura marling were both really wonderful, not to mention a most welcomed surprise from Mr. I.  i got home late, and i passed out needless to say. being as fatigued as i happened to be meant that i was obviously going to oversleep, so here i am, sitting in bio, with last night’s cat eyes fading about my eyes, hair flat and rather bed-head like, and a pair of pencil jeans with a grey t-shirt. i ran to make it in on time. you’d think it was the beginning of the year seeing how i seem to be falling into my old habits.  spring fever has officially taken control & all i want is to be celebrating summer with those who i truly care for.

enfin’s spent a grand amount of time with bela dearest & even G! it’s been much needed- girl time.  i just have to get through seven more days and i will be all set to finish the school year (even though our end date is 6.11) projects galore, and i guess i’m not putting 100% into them, but i don’t think anyone is.

the one thing i need most at this moment is a big cup of arabica’s french roast & something savory.  soon enough. this day needs to get over sooner rather than later (even though that means i have to produce 40+ note cards & a short story about the 4th dimension. i feel wonderful in regards to those items on my to-do list)

if i were you i’d listen to the middle east.


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may mixedtape

here’s to may- the beginning of summer! & what about mixed tape month? well, enfin’s got a new one right here for you all to ecoutez and love.

side one

40 Day Dream- edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
Me and Mia- ted leo and the pharmacists
Burning Stars- mimicking birds
Girls FM- happy birthday
Strugglin’- k’naan
Betaphorm- spencer and the school spirit mafia
Balmy Night- department of eagles
Trouble No More- dark dark dark
Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)- beirut
Son’s Gonna Rise- citizen cope

side two

05- buena vista social club
Wedding Song- bob dylan
Everytime I’m With You- sparklehorse ft. jason lytle & danger mouse
Tandem Bikes- the lk
Black Water- edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
Hustle- tuung
Camera Talk- local natives
The Mariner’s Revenge Song- the decemberists
Man of the Hour- norah jones
The Cutter- echo and the bunnymen


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the past few days have been quite interesting… if i am being entirely honest. i don’t feel like going into details, so i’ll sort of leave it at that.  tonight i went to space and saw the low anthem and brown bird, and cried because timber timbre wasn’t there, so i couldn’t hear:

but que sera, sera. i’ve been busy with tennis, research papers, tea making, cake baking, and taking rolls of film here in portland. i’m tired to be entirely honest, but the busiest breaks are always the best in my mind. i saw beautiful bela last evening, and that was lavish. tomorrow or today, or whatever it is exactly, i have plans to go to local for brunch and then to the bike swap and then out to borders to get a few must have books that are unable to be found at YES or Cunningham.  currently listening to bob dylan on vinyl… while pondering whether or not i said the right thing. oh too bad. honesty equals prosperity, yeah? i sure hope so.