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i’m quite pleased with how the next few days are shaping up.  today, i barely have any classes, and then i’m headed up to brunswick to spend some time with one of my best friends! i’m feeling an adventure in my bones.

friday renders NO CLASSES.  so i’ll be able to sleep in, make some macaroons, and maybe even get some food blogging done.  i’m sure i’ll also be seeing sammy blue eyes.  the weekend is rather typical- working brunches, and house-sitting for once.   i may even decide to tackle the task of making bagels.  i’m thinking i will.  also, i’ll be hardcore prepping for a very important discussion i’ll be leading on monday- wish me luck please!

i can’t wait for the warm weather to come back, so i can stick my head out of car windows and watch the world whizzing by me.  the grill off will also take place when it’s sunny out, so please mister SUN, come out come out wherever you are!

tonight’s been full of nice things.  a bit of capote, and a full stomach of the shoyu ramen from pai men miyake.  homemade vietnamese iced coffee has definitely perked me up.  a two and a half hour nap was also wonderful if you don’t mind me saying.  Young the Giant has been makin’ me smile all day long too- so check em, bros.


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in short this has been the past few days.  cat naps with trout after 4pm on thursdays.  smiles and ferocious yawns, and little tiny pink noses.  waking up all to discover its a mother-effing snow day- thus bringing a celebration in my brain.  stupid celebration got in the way of learning how to conjugate malo, malle, malui.

worked brunch on saturday, learned the drill.  met dear corey jane at the squid and whale tattoo and supported her during her first ink sesh- per usual cyndi lou did a fabulous job.  chatted the afternoon away, drank some tea, and went food shopping.

made my grandmother’s yellow curry for the ladies, and gossiped and bitched all night long.  listened to britney’s newest hit, and dougied.  it was so worth it to have a ladies night, just because i sorta forgot what they’re like and how great they make you feel.  so much stuff to be said, and smiles and laughs and pocket calls.  a group of very different girl, congregating over food, gossip, and shitty jamz.

rewind to friday night- probably my favorite night so far.  fried chicken, and snuggles, and tosh.o, and blue eyes, and a new job, and a poncho, and hugs, and rob steele.

obviously we ended the night on a good sweet note- soy creamery cherry chocolate chip. YUMMYYYY.

waking up sunday.  working brunch again- this time crazier, but just as fun- if not more.  bonded with amanda, talked some J-shore business, and then left when all was said and done.  met with sammy and got some much needed coffee and splurged on music- five records and a peter gabriel cassette for our maine adventure.  all this leading up to a walk to his car in 10 degree weather and a finale of sweeney todd.

i never realized how lucky i am until today.

i’m luckier than so many people, and i’m so happy that i am.

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i’m not the ocean

i stumbled into bed around midnight last evening, but was faced with a bad case of insomnia & didn’t end up falling asleep until 2am- & then I was woken up by my alarm at noon.  perhaps an hour later a & i made our trek up congress street to treat ourselves to brunch at local.  we sipped tea from homegrown, indulged our taste buds with huevos rancheros, and enjoyed one another’s company.  we were home by three, where i was greeted by the lovely cora! together we teamed up and baked delicious scones- which we ate with four varieties of toppings & absolutely delicious oranges.  while we waited for the scones to bake, i brewed a pot of tea, and we chatted to our heart’s content.

the black keys and andrew jackson jihad were our soundtrack for two hours, and miss A joined us in the kitchen.  after we were done talking about tattoos, crazy bitches, and our futures, miss cora departed, and i waited for a mere fifteen minutes until annie made an appearance.  for close to half an hour she updated me on the most recent occurrences- i listened intently, and then begged her to take a trip to whole foods to grab a quick dinner.  we hurried home after our terriyaki chicken rice bowl, and tuned into MTV to catch jersey shore.

(i want to make this tent- this summer)

let’s be frank here.  i don’t know why i like jersey shore- actually, i love jersey shore, yes i’m that person… maybe it’s the incessant drama, snooki’s bump, the heightened violence between girls, the GTL motto, or just the jersey way.  i don’t care what you think of me for liking trashy tv, but i do, & so it goes.

now i’m gonna go do a bit of homework, sip some coffee, draw a bath, and fight insomnia so i can get some sleep before tomorrow.