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sorry i’ve been MIA.  this week has been a hailstorm of negative energy to be entirely honest.  I’ve had moments of absolute euphoria, but for the most part, things have been below mediocre, and i’ve been really irritable.  in addition, i’ve just acquired some sort of malady and could barely walk today.  thankfully tomorrow is friday, but that means weekend, which means waking up early to no relief. but that’s fine because i like going to work.  saturday i’m going to a Love Party and making homemade pasta for sammy blue eyes, and sunday i’m doing a late Yin yoga class.  i just know that i want to take it relatively easy especially after last weekend.  february break is right around the corner (yes!), and i have plans to go to montreal for a few days to visit a close friend and look at concordia and mcgill.  i’m happy that i’ll get to sleep at least a little, and maybe i’ll spend a day up at sugarloaf too, which would be nice.  this is a pretty ridiculous post- i’m sorry, but soon i’ll get back in the habit and have some nice things to say.

have a happy friday?


enfin's reality

here’s to the rebel




back from canada. glad? no. sad? yes. missed les chats? oui, oui. quebec is quite spectacular. although i did end up getting sick friday… vomitting in public is not the sort of thing you WANT to do when first leaving the country, besides that all went well. i got inked, (yay) and i said oy vey a lot, even though that’s not exactly a canadian thing. i also danced at a sugar shack with a bunch of teenpunks that i could care less about. i was without any form of sanity whilst in canada, and it was somewhat refreshing to be quite honest. let me also say, i will never eat another PB&J ever again. i took two rolls of film, and i’m sending them out tomorrow because i’m too lazy to develop them with stancowicz. in addition to that, i believe i have a nice day planned for tuesday. classes, etc, and then tennis practice. contemplating whether or not to actually babysit, and then i have to run to norms, pick up a book, and pack for the dirty south where i will be stationed for five days, and then onward to cambridge for a few more days. so relieved to be getting out of this hell hole. i know that’s kind of ridiculous to say on my part, because i’m trying to be nonchalant and carefree and all, but some people… are just so immature and bothersome, it’s hard to be nonchalant and carefree.

i miss blogging and writing to tell you the truth. i miss my fiction pieces. during the end of the school year i get caught up with trips, and projects, and research papers and finals and tennis and work and increasing social life, so its hard to balance everything. plus as far as writing any fiction pieces, i’ve been lacking inspiration, and i was also put off a bit due to a case of total writer’s block that i didn’t see coming. anyway, i’m still working on producing a solid story for everyone, and i hope to by the end of next week. tis quite the deadline, but it gives me some leeway. ALSO in store is a mixed tape. that oughta be out by the end of next week too. let’s hope for a smooth transition (which i always seem to experience) and a good vacation.




if you stay home you can’t leave

i woke up about ten minutes ago with a throbbing headache, pains flying like a pendelum back and forth from side to side of my skull.  my throat also is creaky and sore and it pinches a bit too.  my dreams last night were empty, and this morning is grey and moist out.  i actually have a really hard time using that word- moist, i’ve never enjoyed it much, always makes me feel a bit awkward and perverse. anyway, because i am responsible and i can’t miss classes today, i’m braving the illness, whatever it may be, and i’m going to get ready now.