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the night is wasting away. my tea is taking too long to steep, and my cats have made themselves busy frolicking around the house.  i don’t see myself sleeping because its so hot outside.  80 degrees. i want to go on a bike ride, but i have no one to join me, so i’ll stay in, work on my paper, read a bit of thoreau, and keep myself preoccupied.  i’m off to cambridge for the weekend- so we’ll see if i come back in one piece.


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blooming season


oh moon- what wonderful, half-hearted moon. can’t describe what kind of mood this is. perhaps… in-fucking-furiated. i hate arguments, especially when the other person is too caught up in listening to what they’re talking about opposed to listening to the other person’s POV. i’m sick of all this month has to offer. i’m tired of most people, i’m dreading school more and more each day-and i just feel like i’m slowly losing control of this situation. observation in regards to 5/4/2010: i hate manipulative people who pull cheap cards in the midst of an engaging altercation- one that ought NEVER be used in a nice clean fight, those kids who are high-school crazed (by this I mean, those you see on your way to work, who are wearing onesie pajamas and have their faces painted blue & white for spirit week, or those who insist on wearing their uniform everytime they have a home game, or even those who just don’t seem to get that after high school you go onto to bigger and better doldrums) disgust me, words are more powerful than they may appear, and it looks as though lately my luck has been taking a hiatus and nothing i am hoping for is happening- my best friends are disappearing, and i am getting more and more anti-social as the spring moves on. too bad i suppose. although, could i care any less? probably not.  oh yeah, and to the north deering kids of HR: 107, joke’s on you. i have a tattoo and i’m proud of it, bitches.


excerpt of a poem by EE Cummings

(While you and i have lips and voices which
are for kissing and to sing with
who cares if some oneeyed son of a bitch
invents an instrument to measure Spring with?

that is some genius poetry my friends.  thank buddah i have one person i can count on for using their creative license properly.

& what do you do with the pieces of a brokenn hearrrt?

nothing. you let them stew. and you cry. and everything that’s typical of homo sapiens. too bad i forget what a broken heat feels like. i’m basically done with homework for the rest of the week. wow. its not like i have anything else to do either. by the way- happy early cinco de mayo.


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whatever happened to shams?

why hello. i’m taking a little break from my long evening of homework to endulge in a bit of the blogosphere. i have one or maybe… nine observations to make about today.  the first being- its only 10:20pm and I have finished all my homework due tomorrow and about half that’s due wednesday? whatever has gotten into me… i’m not quite sure, but its certainly fantastic- whatever it is.

secondly, i played a wunderbar match today. i won, 6-1. without difficulty. my partner- e the second and i work wonderfully together, even though most would take that with a grain of salt. we want to get matching uniforms… ie neon spandex and a visor for me and a baseball cap for her. i’m not sure if she was entirely serious though.

third, i feel as though may has turned into this wild month- a: i have spring fever, i’m drowning in deadlines, tennis matches, debate banquets, family visits, pyac commitments, final projects, mainiaining my 98.1818 gpa, while still having a social life of some sort.

my last day of exams is: june 10th, unless we have a freakish blizzard, which i wouldn’t put past mother nature. afterall, i do in fact, live in maine. i’m rushing to get my stuff ready for SOS or the ocean program i mentioned, what was it- friday? my personal deadline for that is wednesday, that’s why i’m clearing my schedule for tomorrow evening, so i can dedicate it to writing and getting everything in nice order.

i haven’t been working lately. not that i feel too bad about this- you see, my job is dead, work is dead. nothing is going on. and i don’t quite feel like helping at the nextdoor business, so i am focusing my energy and my time on tennis. plus if i didn’t do that, my doubles partner would just about have my head.

the clouds parted today and let out this flurry of sunshowers, it was insane to tell you the truth- mainly because i was stuck in a mini van listening to two unsocial geniuses discuss pain killers and migranes. i also had to mind my manners and make sure not to drop any discrepencies in polite company. doug made me white toast today. it was delicious- but i get the feeling i should be more concerned with my health now. i suppose as of the end of this week, i’m going to start going to the gym so i can run. crazy- yeah? i though so too, but here’s to good health.

i will write fiction when i have the time, but right now, being it may, i feel overwhelmed, and i’m trying not to experience any anxiety or stress until the week before finals.

updates will be more frequent as this week nears an end- unless i get unfocused and off task- then you can count on seeing a lot more of enfin in the blogosphere.


enfin's reality

cravings- what’s going on with iceland?


wouldn’t it be great if every day was like today? serene and warm and filled with little pleasures like homemade iced tea with mint sprigs, trips to cambridge, and repeats of project runway? stuffed peppers and my uncle’s infamous meatballs topped off this evening, and an outing to JP Licks is in order within the next hour or so. black coffee on the porch at 9am, and walks in the arboritum. i just love my boston life. i have a lot of work to do now, seeing as i’m back in my home region- research papers of faulkner’s work, math work, and science prep- big time. in addition, i have practice daily, work (hopefully not daily), visits with beautiful bela, and a tea outing. then the low anthem show at space, norms for dinner, greek salads and brunch at local. wonderfully busy, yet that’s just how i like it. i have film to develop, books to devour, recipes to make, and bike rides to take. tomorrow… 4/20. what a day. not that i care. in any way shape or form. so to my friends who choose to indulge in the herb- have fun, don’t be stupid, and remember, jesus liked canibis too. bus ride at some point tomorrow. coming home with a closet load of vintage frocks, and 90s drab. hair needs to be trimmed and i really HAVE to do my homework…by thursday at the latest.

i could go for some chocolat croissants and a cup of mint tea.



enfin's reality

mr. hemingway please.




the ice in above photos clearly depict my heart’s current condition.

oh so its friday. and i survived it. because now its techincally saturday. a brief synopsis of yesterday. one: i got a new job. pushing clothes on rich ladies. let’s see how long that lasts. two: i bought some art. a photograph and a painting of michael jackson. three: my mind. stoc. incense burns. four: angry, spiteful, rage is bubbling. brewing even. five: i’ve read two pieces of literature today that have used the simile: cold as a witches’ teat. what the fuck? six: fire trucks roaring on the congo. nice way to spice up my nightlife. seven: he can suck it.

friday….first friday. interesting altogether, and yes, interesting is vague, but i intend on keeping this vague.  weather is warming up, thankfully. tomorrow or today, or whatever is now, will be filled with busi-ness. working my new job 10-3, and then workin’ my normal job 3-5. i will also be celebrating miss bela’s birthday after that. and i guess i’ll take a long evening bike ride on my journey home. i can’t quite claim happiness today, or yesterday… whenever friday was. i saw his stupid face and i couldn’t be more angry. stupid gawking eyes…flickering behind those stupid spectacles. done with him. done with that.

anger..brew, sizzle bang.


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ouah… le printemps!

spring means:

the cooking blues.

homemade gnocchi: potatoes, salt, flour

pinched and ready for the pot of hot water

brown butter, white wine, and kale and mushroom sauce

really good white wine, popovers, and salad

the finished gnocchi!

it’s been a while.. i do admit that.  this past week got the best of me, not because i was busy, i just got distracted half the time.  i also had a case of the cooking blues which took up more time of each night than originally predicted.  pictured below are some of the many items i’ve prepared this past week!

oh hi fresh veggies- i love you kale and celery.

chicken kale soup, with crispy rosemary parmesean bread

red plum and black berry butter tart!

base of soup

 as you can see… i wasn’t lying about my cooking escapades.  i know that i have been promising my story entitled her and him for quite sometime, maybe even three weeks, but the ending has been really difficult to decide upon.  i’ve even considered publishing it in installments.  perhaps that’s what i’ll do.  i will be blogging regularly as of now.  today its pretty cool outside, although the sun makes it rather deceiving.  i’d love to go for a bikeride and maybe even a picnic, but seeing as the time and temp building reads 38 degrees, i don’t think i’ll do either.  maybe a trip to go thrifting, even though i should be saving all my cash for my trip to quebec in the next couple of weeks.  monday marks the start of the 2010 tennis season.  i don’t really feel like playing but i know that i should, so that’s what i’ll do.  i have a lot of work to do with buy local and with port city music hall, so i think tennis will be on the back-burner until matches start.  i’m also hoping to vacation to cambridge/boston next weekend.  it’d be oh so lovely. i’m really hungry right now, and trout is sitting with me.  this spring has been alright so far. seeing as the weather’s been nice…but i forgot to tell you! thursday it snowed.  isn’t that terrible? by the end of the weekend i’m hoping her and him will be posted, along with whatever sunday scribblings posts as their 208th topic.

give me some ideas for how to spend my weekend.  i guess i could go take photos.


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dancing downtown, moving through the night

DAY 1: SPRING, 2010

oh happy day! its beautiful outside, 70 degrees! i’m packing a picnic for one, riding to my secret spot, with a few books and some charcoal and my sketch book, and i will be sitting and enjoying this lovely day! i couldn’t ask for a better saturday.  (although i suppose company would be a nice addition…) who could stay inside on a day like today?

go outside! take pictures! paint! run! skip! don’t have a care in the world.