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there are a few things i am currently wishing for:

one. i’d like my life to be similar to Amelie Poulain! of course, that won’t happen because no one will be my Nino! but i’ll still wish for that.

two. i’m hoping that my ink sesh will be re-confirmed.  that’s the only reason why i want to go to quebec…

three. i want meredith to stay with me forever and ever.

four. i want to talk to someone, tell them who i am, and hear about who they are.

five. i’d like to write a really good story.

six. i kinda want the weekend to hurry up and get here!

im feeling: tired, happy, ready for some permanent ink, memoria teneo, anxiety fleeting, therapy session tomorrow, artsy artsy with forts and movies and food and laughter.

i want to write…i have this itch. when i was making my way home from norms this evening i wrote this wonderful story in my head.  it was lovely and had a good ending too, but then i was disenchanted when i heard gunshots in the ghetto and panic overtook my body.  luckily i didn’t hear anymore, made my way upstairs, got undressed, took a long shower, watched amelie, and fell asleep on the couch.  i do recall the story, but its late, and seeing as i got four hours of sleep yesterday, i’d really enjoy getting some shut eye tonight.  perhaps i’ll write tomorrow, perhaps i won’t. we’ll see how the day goes.  but i would in fact, love to get another piece up.  my kitty sassy (not trout) is with me on the couch and she is purring loudly. the french soundtrack of yann tiersen is quietly playing in the background. lights are off, but the glow of this screen and the glow of the menacing street lights make the room just as bright as it would be if i had the heart to go turn on the fluourescent light above.  bed…right. that’s where im headed. could use some seltzer and advil.


regulated marilyn monroe thought processes

tonight ended up being unpredictable. sort of.

i got dinner with the dear I, and then after eating (at norms obvious) we went and saw Avatar in 3D! it was pretty sweet, but my eyes hurt after i had to take those glasses off, and i got sad because i found the plot to lack substance. overall, it was a good action-y type film, but nothing i’d watch more than twice.

acdecath, i have no idea the results- i’ll say it that simply. oh and its also brinking on being awake for 22 hours, so my vocabulary has diminished.  i’ll find out how i did for ac decath monday- and i don’t really care. i’m curious as far as debate goes- i’d like to know how we fared. i think i’m going to rest.

i’m feeling: tired, exhausted, sore, excited for friday (and so begins the countdown), the snow/rain/fog sort of thing hitting my bare skin. marilyn’s legs are making too much noise- perhaps the clock will shut off.



laughing at mad cow.

the metronome has followed me to this terrible competition, where opponents wield knowledge and guillotines- as if both were normal. there’s a constant ticking in the room i’ve been sitting in for two plus hours. the multiple choice packets are mocking me, bringing up information that remains unlearned in my ill-developed mind. economics? math? both are not my forte. the speech? i could have died. time restrictions are not welcomed kindly in my mind. i’ve utterly failed thus far, and i have 7 hours to go. what shall i do when i get out of this torture chamber? out on the town i presume. but that always consists of the same thing- either norms or anthonys, and i’ve gone to norms x2 in a row, and anthonys- dont want to consume their greasy food.
i hate the french revolution with every particle that i am comprised of.
i think i lost an atom…. are you positive?
i can hear these incredibly smart (supposed intellects) over the blast of my ipod. i’m sorry, but that is just unacceptable.
what to do tonight?
welcome home headache. thank god i didn’t take this too seriously.
last night? i don’t quite recall. norms i remember. good wings and salad. good company. rewriting my speech? NOT THE BEST IDEA.
i ended up saying that the waltz was the one dance that represents me. s’cuse me, that makes zero sense. i’m not the waltz. i’m not classical…but in reality, i am. OH NO!