top tens.

*leaving you with a hint- i like to make lists- handwritten and typed*

december 15th- december 22nd

In 2010, Top 10 Favorite Musicians/Groups/etc.

1.  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

2.  Scott Dunbar- One Man Band

3.  Jurassic 5

4.  Bob Dylan

5.  Timber Timbre

6.  Dark Dark Dark

7.  Phantogram

8.  Mumford & Sons

9.  Atmosphere

10.  Johnny Cash

the videos- not specifically my favorite song by each artist, but certainly one that is rather meaningful and provokes a certain emotion within me each time i hear it.


In 2009 Top 10 Favorite Musicians/Groups/etc.

this is in no particular order, other than top ten haha.

1.  Dark Dark Dark- the ecclectic folk, french, punk, jazz band never ceases to amaze me.  With some of the classiest accordian solos around, I could stop listening when I started listening!

2. Elvis Costello- I know, I know, Costello’s been around for ages- TRUST ME, I am quite aware of this, but from August to December of 2009 I don’t think there’s been a day where I haven’t listened to Spooky Girlfriend.

3. Andrew Jackson Jihad- believe in the Jihad or you will go to hell! With ironic and evasive lyrics, AJJ has been one of the best catches this entire year. Unfortunately this two man band refuses to tour the east coast, oh how I’d love to join them for a show. Anyway, lyrics speak out with controversy, or what the mainstream population would think of as “controversial” I hear them as lucid truth. “bullshit math equations” “people are people regardless of skin, people are people regardless of creed, people are people regardless of gender, people are people regardless of anything” “i wish my father would have loved me more” “if you think you are better than me, you’re right” and of course: “i could go off the deep end, i could kill all my best friends”- without these two men, I feel like I’d be a little emptier inside. to the one who introduced me to them; thank you….so much.

4. Modest Mouse- how would this list be complete without Isaac Brock and his beautiful band?

5. Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia- I know, I know…local band, but amazing nonetheless! I was taken aback when I heard this band was from MY hometown?!?! They sound an awful lot like Modern Lovers. xoxo to my home dogs.

6.  The Distillers- On a completely different note…and style of music, I haven’t been as satisifed with a punk rock band since I originally listened to Leftover Crack and the Ramones. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the Distillers top them, but hey, I like their music, and Spinnerette aka Brody Dalle (singer  of Distillers etc)- also VG!

7. Wu-Tang Clan- again…around forever, but without the Wu, my year would have been lifeless. ayo shaolin, waddup?

8. Stars- been mildly obsessed with this canadianPop band since early 2008, and I can still say they top my lists. Their lyrics are lovely, and harmonies? Lovelier.

9. Vashti Bunyan- she’s an amazing woman, even without her musical career- I admire her style and poise, but to be entirely honest, her folk? BEST FOLK I have ever heard. train song? ecoutez-la.

10. Emiliana Torrini- I know most love Regina Spektor, but I personally feel as though Emiliana Torinni has a better chance of making it. She’s released multiple records, her voice is immaculate, and she has the it factor. Her songs are lovely, similiar to Spektor’s as well as Jaymay’s but Torinni’s has a more classic twist. She stays true to her roots and I think she deserves to be recognized more often.

There of course are many many honorable mentions, but I honestly haven’t the time I need to list them all; the top three though were: Tom Waits, KMD, and Echo & the Bunnymen.

NEXT WEEK’S EDITION? top ten greatest dark humors of all time.

12.24.09: top six greatest dark humors of all time

1.  the heathers- two words. christian slater. can you be more satisified?

2. donnie darko- ah so fantastic. a derranged bunny. a tripping boy. what’s going on? asian girl saying shut up. see it to believe it kitties.

3.  harold and maude; teenage boy obsessed with faking suicides meets older woman at a funeral because they both get pleasure from attending. turns a jaguar into a hearse. turns into an illegal romantic relationship. outruns the police. maude dies.

4.  very bad things. jermey pipen, christian slater. deaths. weddings. strippers. vegas. what’s good?

5. europa europa.- in short. jew boy joins hitler’s youth group.ironic?

6. burn after reading. astounding cast. fantastic performances. man oh man. so good.


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