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i’m a new soul

this winter is getting more difficult to survive for reasons out of my control.  first and foremost, i absolutely despise the cold temperatures, and they always just effect me negatively because i want to find a little corner and huddle there with about a billion blankets on top of me.  the second reason has to do with the cold temperatures- once february hits, it seems like the snow is gone, and instead we’re plagued with ice.  i can’t tell you how much i hate ice.  for one, it’s so dangerous, and also it’s just not user friendly.  i always get this anxious pit in my stomach when i’m walking on ice, and i just don’t like it.  but i don’t want to bore you with why i’m having a difficult time this winter, instead i’d rather tell  you what i’m doing to busy myself in this lonely period of the year.

break starts friday at 2pm, thankfully.  it’s not so much that i need it like i need christmas break, but instead, it’s just some time to actually go do stuff that i need to do, and that i’m genuinely excited about.  first and foremost, there’s a food/fashion blogger happy hour at my place of work, and i’m very excited to meet with a few folks- kate from the blueberry files, and so on, and immediately after that, i think i’m going to spend some quality time with samuel, because i won’t see him for a good amount of time from saturday onward.  then the weekend boasts a dinner with marlowe at the noodle bar, working both brunches, and driving down to bos late sunday so i can wake up early to leave the country.

don’t worry, i seriously haven’t been keeping anything too big from you guys- it’s not like i’m leaving for turkey or something crazy like that.  just a friendly visit to our northern neighbor- canada.  no, it’s not going to be a drinking fest, but rather a visit at two possible schools i’m looking at, and a reunion with a pretty cool friend.   i’ll be in montreal for 3 days, then i’ll stay another night in boston to see two of my aunts for dinner, and also to crash so i don’t have to get home ridiculously late wednesday night.  the rest of the week is really unclear, because i’m left with four days to do more than i think is possible to squeeze into 96 hours.  sugarloaf, bela dear, have a jersey shore party, spend some quality time with A & samuel, work two+ shifts, oh, and sleep? maybe it’s all possible, but then again, i could just have a case of being unrealistic.

in other news, restaurant week is rapidly approaching- that’s right, it’s my favorite time of year again.  i have four reservations thus far, and the list can only keep growing if you look at it from my view.  first is my maiden voyage to bresca (can’t say that i’ve ever been more excited about a restaurant visit), next comes a trip to district with mere, and then a trip to vignola with nellie, and finally the eve of my SATs boasts a wonderful meal at bar lola with mr. I.  i think i’ll also be visiting hugo’s on a tuesday for their half of blind tasting menu, and then of course one night i’ll go somewhere with sam, maybe local or sonny’s. so i guess you can say that i’m consciously trying to make things look on the bright side, and it’s working for the most part.  primarily what kills me is the cold wind when i walk outside.  that makes me forget what i have to look forward to and instead makes me spiteful.  don’t worry, i’m trying to work on it though.


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the livin’s easy

it’s been a while, but i’m back in maine and i’m really sad.  i met a group of people from new orleans, that i really bonded with, and for the first time in my entire life, i have felt completely accepted for who i am, and didn’t have to try to act another way.  i’m not even sure where to begin, because dc was phenomenal.  we were delayed a day though because our plane broke down, so sunday, i stayed at PWM for 13 hours before being told to go home.  i wish we had been on time, just so i could have spent more time with everyone.  jay millz was my roomate, and she liked to rap and play harmonica, sans her i would have been beaucoup lonely.  i was adopted by the new orleans crowd, and i was really happy.  we did the tourist thing- ie goin’ to the mall and the monuments and what not. but we also went to baltimore and annapolis. everynight we ordered cheesy bread and had a party in 125, and we were always late for curfew.  we’d get crunk to drake, and sleep a total of four hours before heading out into the humid wretched d.c. weather.  i’ll miss them all so dearly, but am planning to visit them come mardi gras and they’re planning on coming up for the summer/winter. i really will miss shakila, jourdan, joroyd, and kortney. our adventures were better than the majority i’ve shared with my friends in portland, and i feel a bit shunned because they’re all lucky and go to school with one another, whereas i’m stuck in maine sans the NO crew. this morning was really upsetting, i woke up at 5am, and packed and what not, then woke up joroyd and we went outside to talk for a while, but were interrupted when the troops from maine and hawaii came outside, so then we rushed to get my stuff loaded onto the bus, and had a sad good bye together, same with shakila and jourdan.  *they even chased after the bus with blown kisses and sad faces* i really appreciate them as people and even though our time was short, i feel like i learned a lot about them.  as of now, i’m super tired, seeing as i haven’t had a real night’s sleep in over a week and a half.  maybe my round trip ticket from airtran that i got from waiting for 13hrs, will get me to new orleans, if not it will get me to san fransisco.  i will do a proper update tomorrow while i’m working.  for now, enfin bids the blogosphere good evening!