enfin's reality

holidays in the near future


ah, so today is my last day of summer.  isn’t that rather morbid to think about? well it’s true, from now on i am involved with ocean studies and then off to korea for 2 weeks in august.  it’s absurd how quickly time flies.  a 3 hour boat ride today, basically did me in for sunburns.  blotches all about my pale skin, mark the beginning of my oceanic adventure, and i don’t mind to be honest.  whilst traveling the seas, i planned our upcoming vacation for aug 2011.  i know that’s a year plus away, but the way a and i do things, we need to plan in advance or nothing gets done. 


here’s the great part about our holiday in 2011- it’s a 20 day trek on the west coast.  yes… motherfucker, yes.  so wonderful and such a long time, but sooo great.  we both wanted the same things, so i’m rather enthused.  we’ll start in washington state, where we will camp near the forks on the pacific ocean at a beach site for 4 nights.  we’ll head from the forks to seatle for 3 nights and adventure the city and drink some coffee.  we are considering a 2 night trip to vancouver as well, but the logistics of this happening…well, i suppose they’re great… so let’s forget i began this sentence.  after vancouver its onward to oregon- portland, oregon! our sister city! 4 nights there and then takin’ the train all the way to BAJA California. insane to think that we will be on a train for a good two days.  when we arrive in baja, we plan on beach camping for 2 nights and then a night in a hostel.  neither of us want to spend a ton of time down in baja, so to conclude our trip we will spend 1 night in san jose and three nights in san fransisco- and of course… after all that is done, we shall return to portland and face the consequences of going away.


besides my trek out west, i am traveling to some other places this upcoming year! south korea is my next destination- aug 7th through the 21st.  in october, a trip to new orleans will occur- a long weekend is assumed.  and then in november a trip to montreal and quebec city will embrace a and me! for mardi gras i will be visitin’ new orleans once again, and then in april a trip to durham will most likely happen.  i’d like to travel to montana as well- perhaps in june of ’11.  traveling is one of my most favorite things, so i’m so glad that i get to do a lot of it for the next year or so!

props to karma for helpin’ me out.