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beaucoup is how they say it in the NO


good morning.  i’m up at 10am on a summer morning- which is a first, because i enjoy spending my days being lazy and tired and sleepy and what not.  i suppose i’m up this early because for the past week i’ve been waking up at 5am, or the crack of dawn, and haven’t been going to bed until at least 1 in the morning.  that after-trip “depression” is really sinking in, and i’m incredibly blue- which just might make me want to bake some popovers or something along those lines.  the downside to that, is my little flat will get so incredibly hot, that i won’t be able to take it.  i have to work 3-7:30 today, then i’m off to SPACE to see ted leo & the pharmacists, which i’m really excited about- seeing as i’ve awaited this concerto since i first heard about it.  a little bit ago, i realized i had to write down the dates i’d be gone this summer- and right now it’s not looking promising.  my july has no room whatsoever, besides a few straggler days, but i’m gone for a 12 camping trip in bristol/stonington, and then i have 7 days to relax before headed to seoul.  honestly, i’m so excited, because i really love to be engaged and busy and having fun, and this summer, so far has been just that.  i’m looking to book a flight from PWM to New Orleans come end of august, but i don’t know how that will turn out, because i have a feeling my posse will be in school.  i can keep my fingers crossed though, because i don’t want to wait until mardi gras to come down.  what to do for the remainder of the week? read i suppose.  maybe if i do all my homework now, i can even try to get down to new orleans from the first of august until the fifth or something.  at this point, what i know is that i will be down in the N O this summer to see everyone, and then i will be spending as little time in portland as humanly possible.


enfin's reality





i am so excited.  earlier this week- or perhaps last week, i was complaining about waiting for responses from 2 of 3 summer programs i applied to- the DC democracy in action, and the full scholarship south korea trip.  I got into both! I AM SO enthralled. it’s the first time in quite some time that i feel accomplished.  in addition to those two programs i’m also doing the sos program in july.  i’m leaving for korea in august for two weeks, and dc is sooner than later.  june 13th! oh man, i’m just so excited. i can’t even write, that’s how excited i am.  i will do a proper enfinoui post as the day ends. i’m rather tired and i’m trying to make my kraft mac and cheese and my brother is on his way over.


as a postscript: Let’s celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.


enfin's reality

the lighter died.


tandem bikes listen to that by the LK.

here i am. in north carolina. for the first time. ever. unless a trip to the charlotte airport counts, although, i highly doubt that it truly does.  yesterday was a long day of travel, tons of delays and bumpy skies and busy roads. but all in all, i got to durham/chapel hill an hour later than expected, in one piece.  M was at her trackmeet, but i didn’t see her throw because i was late. late. late. i suppose that should have been assumed in the first place, but what is done, is done. chick-fil-a (still can’t get over the spelling… i suppose new englanders want to add that filet in instead of the fil-a…) filled our stomachs, and i slept a good sleep, all until i was woke up early this morning to visit DA. it was a school, and that was my very impression. my only impression too. sure schools tend to differ in material, but all have the same sense of an educational establishment which one becomes familiarized with over the course of their 13 years in public edu. or private, or what have you. anyway, i read outside for sometime- something i rarely have the chance to do in maine, and that made me happy. then we ventured to a thai cafe and to m’s infamous lo-yo and we had a superb time talking. all this “update” writing is making me feel out of place. seeing as i’m currently reading catcher in the rye for the thousandth time, i feel like holden, and i am viewing everything as “phony”. its unfortunate, yeah? anyway…


o, how i’d love a party like the above. summertime is approaching! m, annie, and i will drive to the coast and eat strawberries and blackberries, and dance to k’naan and tunng and all the good summer music.  we’ll eat oranges and sip tea on the maine state pier at 5am, and we’ll build forts and go on bike rides, and take many many photos. i’m really counting on the upcoming season of liberty to be the best one yet- seeing as last year’s sucked so bad. see my nice inclusion of slang? anyway, ive sent out good energy to the deities of summer to ensure that the three of us have the best vacation of our lives thus far. parties, and friends (if we need them) and lunches and brunches and movies and music all the way.

oh hi enfin, you are as BA as its been rumored.

memoria teneo, as i have mentioned in a previous post, did in fact happen- hence the proof, first of two photos. the second, is a quaint little rue en quebec, where i found this market that four young boys in their 20s with lots of tattoos and gauges worked in. they sold me a baguette and i played fetch with their golden retriever for a brief moment until i ran up the road to get a good shot of the chateau on my trusty ricoh. i miss quebec, but i like the south too! we’re planning an allnighter (which i can say is overdue) and a fortification and perhaps a picnic and a trip to some of m’s most mentionable places en durham/c.hill/raleigh or i think i will refer to current location as RDU just like their airport. it will be nice to visit cambridge on sunday however, i haven’t visited since… february? i don’t recall any travels in march, however, it is entirely possible. a mixed tape is coming when i get back in the 617 or 207, depending on my mood and how i budget my time. i’m switching between, the crying of lot 49, V, How to Write Compelling Fiction- which i must add is quite delicious- and catcher in the rye (boring).


stupid couple is so stupidly cute.


i’m so happy that the spring has finally graced us.


enfin's reality

here’s to the rebel




back from canada. glad? no. sad? yes. missed les chats? oui, oui. quebec is quite spectacular. although i did end up getting sick friday… vomitting in public is not the sort of thing you WANT to do when first leaving the country, besides that all went well. i got inked, (yay) and i said oy vey a lot, even though that’s not exactly a canadian thing. i also danced at a sugar shack with a bunch of teenpunks that i could care less about. i was without any form of sanity whilst in canada, and it was somewhat refreshing to be quite honest. let me also say, i will never eat another PB&J ever again. i took two rolls of film, and i’m sending them out tomorrow because i’m too lazy to develop them with stancowicz. in addition to that, i believe i have a nice day planned for tuesday. classes, etc, and then tennis practice. contemplating whether or not to actually babysit, and then i have to run to norms, pick up a book, and pack for the dirty south where i will be stationed for five days, and then onward to cambridge for a few more days. so relieved to be getting out of this hell hole. i know that’s kind of ridiculous to say on my part, because i’m trying to be nonchalant and carefree and all, but some people… are just so immature and bothersome, it’s hard to be nonchalant and carefree.

i miss blogging and writing to tell you the truth. i miss my fiction pieces. during the end of the school year i get caught up with trips, and projects, and research papers and finals and tennis and work and increasing social life, so its hard to balance everything. plus as far as writing any fiction pieces, i’ve been lacking inspiration, and i was also put off a bit due to a case of total writer’s block that i didn’t see coming. anyway, i’m still working on producing a solid story for everyone, and i hope to by the end of next week. tis quite the deadline, but it gives me some leeway. ALSO in store is a mixed tape. that oughta be out by the end of next week too. let’s hope for a smooth transition (which i always seem to experience) and a good vacation.