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no surprise there

happy st. patrick’s day

i woke up initially at 4am this morning, happy, and vivacious, but those characteristics and feelings dwindled as the morning progressed, in fact, i fell back asleep, and ended up being late to school.  i failed a math quiz…. and there’s no room for hope there.  by fail, i mean, less than a 60.  i know the material too, i just sort of froze up and the content of chapter 8 flew out of my mind.  so much for luck of the irish.  in english, i got the highest grade on the scarlet letter test, so i was happy about that.  but since first block, my hopes have been crushed.  crushed i tell you.  i’d really just like this day to end already. i know i should “cherish” every moment of every day, but on a day like this st. patty’s day, i don’t see that state of mind possible.

i’ve been working on a story, a good one, so that should be posted at some point today, probably with a weak ending.

i’m feeling: like i have no hope, tired, done with hell, a bit strained, happy its wednesday, ready for a coffee from rabs.  also, i’d lovee to dive into a book…a very well-known book, the sound and the fury by one of my favorite authors, William Faulkner.

enfin love.