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clear as day but in the night



ciao ciao ciao blogosphere as well as city-life.  going on a two week adventure filled with camping and sailing and no cell-phone reception/internet connection (thank you!!).  so ready to get away from this town, from these people, from this house. getting back into timber timbre– can’t tell if that’s bueno ou non; proffers memories into my mind which i’d prefer stay where they were.  but they’re a phenomenal band, so what can i say? almost done with tao of pooh. been eating a lot of flax seed infused yoghurt, wishing i were a musician, and trying to get rid of these terrible tanlines.  speaking of tan lines…

and just because i’m contemplative:

i had a near death experience friday- i’m still a bit shaken up, but i’m here, breathing, feeling, being. afterwards, i sat reading in the sun, “zenned out” as my colleagues have determined. hopin’ to have a scanner by the 25th so i can start postin’ some film shots. silly’s last night, with late night walks on the east end trail, and i finally bought wristcutters- so glad i did. i’m quite content with the approach i’ve had lately. it’s kind of wu wei. and i couldn’t be more glad. sun-rises and fruit and cats and ocean and boats.  poetry, photos, mixed tape, and the latest ‘ssip to be posted when i return.  until then, stay classy motherrrrfuckers.