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sight is fleeing?

i wonder if my health is deteriorating? when i am concentrating, i often brush my eye-lid lightly with my index finger, and seriously, just five minutes ago, i felt a raised bump on the inside lid. now i’m panicking! what happens if i’m losing my sight!?!?!? in addition, this morning, i got a breakfast sandwich at school, and i thought i spread ketchup on it, but i ended up putting barbeque sauce on it. such a wonderful way to start a wednesday.


after researching my health condition, no, i’m not a hypochondriac, i’ve narrowed it down to the following possibilities: one i am going blind (unlikely, but as always worst case scenario comes first), two: chalazion, which is a bump in the eyelid and its just swelling of the glands but still, they can get larger than 1/8th of an inch, and the third possibility is stye and or pink eye, which i’ve had multiple times! its sort of embarrassing. but at the same time, i’m hoping its one of the latter two. i cherish my vision too much to lose it.