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le singe est sur la branche

c’est dimanche! and this week ought to be interesting! i wrote a monologue last evening and somehow, due to problems with wordpress,the drafts wouldn’t save and when i attempted to post- it deleted everything.  i was a bit morose, but all is better now.  i’ve consumed a fair amount of cafe noir and even some carbohydrates, i’ve slept 11 hours (fell asleep to nick drake) and i played with my kitties.  i have a brief to-do list this week:

*buy film 400 speed
*go through closet and get rid of no-longer used clothes
*get ready for mixed tape exchange
*workity workity

*photo excursion and dance off
*add to talk is cheap
buy tix to dark dark dark, the low anthem, vinyl night, etc.

hopefully i’ll accomplish that and more! classes promise to be boring and tiresome this week- work is the same, and meredith is here.  i really want to take a drive up to wiscasset or some north eastern town to go take some photos- i have an itch to take at least four rolls of film.  i also need to find time to tune up Ethel because she’s a bit flat on the back tire, and her brakes still refuse to work properly.  i’d also like to finish my philosophy series in charcoal, but we’ll see.  i suppose this week is one of goals- and i typically have a hard time accomplishing more than three goals per week, but que sera, sera.  i’m not sure what sort of fiction i’ll post today, something lovely i hope.  tonight i have to finish some studies, clean the haus, cook with the lovely m, make sure not to drink too much, and be asleep by 2am! good goals for a sunday in my opinion.

what have you done this weekend? the weather has been lovely up here, 60s both days. thank you global warming!


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