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& we’ll see how it goes

i finished saving the ocean officially- but i plan to continue my studies of sustainability in the gulf of maine- focusing specifically on the preservation of fishing culture- something i find incredibly important.  it’s ironic, the way the month turned out.  as i began my studies, i was filled with dread- in part due to the people i was with, and then because its easy to get depressed the more you learn about the current state of the ocean.  but i was pleasantly surprised- as was the majority of people i was with.  i can’t even begin to recap all of our shenanigans- both inside of the program and outside.  all of our trips to the tressels and to salmon falls were worth every minute of agony and worry.  i could not have asked for a group of better people to have spent the month with.  while we had our moments- what with insulting supertramp, and getting stitches, and having our tents flood- they are all outdone with the best times.  napping during the rain storm, sea kayaking, sniping whales- not literally, kicking ass in mini-golf, and are you hot mamas?, i will always remember.  especially the greek yoghurt.  i even enjoyed sitting in back of the black bullet and being forced into an erika sandwich.  adding onto that, i could even say i put up with odd mood swings, morning swims, beach fires, g-sesh’s, cookin’ tofu, jumping off things, 85spf, flower crowns, and bein’ on boats.  oh how pleased i was with all the greek yoghurt i consumed.  now i have a seven day rest until i jet off to south korea with a group of 100 kids.  it’s so crazy.  non-stop this entire summer.  but that’s the best way, if not the only way.  but yes, as the wisest always say, we’ll see how it goes.


i hope it goes in a direction that i can appreciate.  even though my grandmother has clearly stated that right now is the best time to play the field.  i am not sure if i understand/agree, but que sera, sera.  i have been writing and taking photos, so i need to keep some cash handy, so i can develop all my film.  i’m starting to believe that this may in fact be the best summer i’ve ever had.  so keep it coming summer gods, keep it coming.