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new england days off

daniel made this –first edit ever-, so respect the steez bitches.

enfin's reality


6:42am, discovered that classes were cancelled. ย went back to bed. ย 10:05am, hit snooze, went back to bed. ย 11:18am, trout stepped on my stomach, awoke to a whiteout preventing a good gauge of the effects of the storm on my end. ย laid in bed, morose, wistful, until midday when a returned from a short trek to the gym.

throbbing headaches, lacking motivation, attempting to get moving six hours too late. ย two days left of the week- thank goodness for weekends. ย home interview tomorrow evening, then a stitch and bitch in so. po. with a few fellow yogis. ย friday renders two quizzes- latin & english, a late night trip to local 188, and proper rest. ย as the weekend crawls forward, i have worthwhile plans. ย a good bye dinner for meg on saturday evening, tea & scones on sunday with cora, and then dinner plans with three lovely ladies later on that night. ย monday= relaxation, homework, sleeping & cleaning.

reading, doing homework, ichat dates, and long bath. + smiles tomorrow.