enfin's reality

the purest form



the past few days have allowed my mind to be consumed with happy thoughts and distractions.  i’ve lacked the proper funds to spend at a whim- and i’ve been focusing on the mind opposed to the temporary forms of happiness that are acquired by means of consumption.  i’ve talked about my thoughts, with the hope that others have listened.  sitting on the pier and on the coast with ryan was really nice.  for the first time in a while, i was in the company of someone who i could speak to openly, and not worry about judging me.  our conversations ran deep, and since then i’ve been at peace.  he loaned me his copy of the tao of pooh, and i haven’t been able to put it down since.  as i said in the beginning of the week, it’s time for a new start, and the tao of pooh could not have come at a better time.  immediately following my excursion with ryan, which ended in promises for night swimming and thai food, i was stolen away and embarked on an afternoon with m.  after time passed, and we had consumed unspeakable amounts of sushi, we returned to the pearl compound & got prettied up and walked to slainte, where we quickly turned around and reconsidered.  our better option was local, so that’s where we headed and ate desserts and drank our digestifs.  more meaningful conversations this morning in the comfort of arabica, although nothing was agreed upon.  i haven’t enough money to purchase coffee and toast- let alone film.  i have four rolls to develop, and i have no darkroom access.  whatta shame to be so broke.  not to mention i can’t even scrounge up cash to buy some double A’s for my old fallback- the digital camera.  i need to start documenting for reassurance of my very existence.  let the weekend steal me away.



postscriptum: as a direct result of my escapade at the pier with ryan, i was sunburned to a crisp, and currently my knees are swollen, chest is blotchy, and eyes are close to those of a raccoon.