enfin's reality

howlin’ for you

chaos has been unleashed if you want to know my honest opinion.  in addition to dealing with chaos head on, i am currently plagued with an ailment and can’t stop coughing or being the one who sniffles opposed to blows their nose. at this point, i’m basically over eveything i had my hopes up for, for an obvious reason which is that i could just care less. but now that i say that in all honesty, it’s bound to change at some point or another.

SPACE was so spectacular last night- the middle east (pictured above) and laura marling were both really wonderful, not to mention a most welcomed surprise from Mr. I.  i got home late, and i passed out needless to say. being as fatigued as i happened to be meant that i was obviously going to oversleep, so here i am, sitting in bio, with last night’s cat eyes fading about my eyes, hair flat and rather bed-head like, and a pair of pencil jeans with a grey t-shirt. i ran to make it in on time. you’d think it was the beginning of the year seeing how i seem to be falling into my old habits.  spring fever has officially taken control & all i want is to be celebrating summer with those who i truly care for.

enfin’s spent a grand amount of time with bela dearest & even G! it’s been much needed- girl time.  i just have to get through seven more days and i will be all set to finish the school year (even though our end date is 6.11) projects galore, and i guess i’m not putting 100% into them, but i don’t think anyone is.

the one thing i need most at this moment is a big cup of arabica’s french roast & something savory.  soon enough. this day needs to get over sooner rather than later (even though that means i have to produce 40+ note cards & a short story about the 4th dimension. i feel wonderful in regards to those items on my to-do list)

if i were you i’d listen to the middle east.