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cursive is dead

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i’ve been thinking about this for perhaps the past year or so- yes quite some time for such a trivial topic.  but in reality, its anything but trivial! good penmanship used to be a defining character.  it used to be something required becaues a) it showed how you were careful with the words you chose, b) it’s methodical and displays self-discipline c) its pretty and classic, and d) if you ever want to resemble any of the great writers, politicians, activists, philosophers, celebrities, designers or doctors, you better have a beautiful John Hancock (no pun intended) if you aspire to be great.

my own cursive is improving, i’ve been laboring over ever since i began schooling, and i think over time it becomes second nature.  many of the kids in my classes ask me, while passing out papers, why it is that i write in cursive.  because my nietzsche thought process prevents me from answering in a complete truth to these folks, i never really explain it, i just say its out of habit.  i am extremely upset that people don’t care about their handwriting anymore, that its turned into, well i have atrocious handwriting, so if you don’t mind, i’m just going to type everything up! i type for blogposts and essays, but everything else is in my cursive, unless required to be word-processed.  i value nice handwriting and i wish society still did too! my father, as a child, was forced to write the alphabet in cursive daily- each letter 200 times- 100 in lower case, 100 in upper case.  his handwriting, from what i hear was absolutely gorgeous.  for the next few years i plan on perfecting my penmanship.  i already have two notebooks filled with cursive.  i don’t know how many more notebooks i have to fill before each letter is perfected, but it doesn’t matter! quality penmanship is a pretty big priority in my book!