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my friends find me funny

i’m alive and in good standing.  a new job, some great friends, wonderful evenings, and a few questionable decisions, yet i’m here, in good health, and in a wonderful spirit.  photos are being developed, scanned, and of course organized.  apologize for being like a ghost… i just am not a reliable blogger.

pardon my sporadic appearances, they’ll return to being normal at one point in the future.

for now,

xoxo– enfin


make yourself apparent

Alright, so I was so tired last night thus I retired not giving a good account of yesterday. So I suppose I will finish it today.  So I went to Strange Maine and got a record by the Kinks, one by Peter Gabriel and of course when I was browsing through the Rap section I came across a Jedi Mind Tricks album, so I bought it too…and Little Miss Sunshine.Today was okay too.  I went to hell, wasn’t as bad as usual because I was with Devon and we didn’t really…focus. But yeah I ended up taking lunch at Bull Moose, which was ridic, I need to stop doing that…of course I came out of there with LIKE A VIRGIN my Madonna- not on vinyl though, hopefully Saturday at the record fair I will find it. Anyway I’m goin’ halfsies with my mom on the record player I want, so that makes my life incredibly easy. Yeah, so I bought that, and then went back to my last class and went to work when class ended. I was going to take tomorrow off, but I’m going in for a few hours- to work that is. And then I think I will be going to the corner room later? I don’t know all the details yet. FRIDAY is so close.

Which makes me happy.
Hey, I’m obsessed with Madonna- and I have been for a while now, but now I want to be her.
I want to look like her. Maybe I should perm my hair- its not too Madonna like, but its 80s nonetheless.

OH Man, there’s this band called UUVVWWZ, and I bought their cd back in August I believe….at first I thought it was a waste of money to be entirely honest, but now I’ve acquired a taste for them. They’re very…I’m not sure, they bug me when I listen to them, but I do like them…
I just don’t really want to admit that…I think its the sound. Its not normal, but its…almost similar to the new Arctic Monkeys album…but the lead singer’s voice…its not too great. It gets on my nerves. I mean…if only she sounded like Isaac Brock…I only say that because it seems like she has a speech impediment, but obviously not a lisp like Mr. Brock’s, this makes her lose points in my book.

I also bought the new Raekwon Only 4 Cuban’s Disc two today….I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m excited nonetheless! So I started uploading the more recent cds I’ve purchased in the past…I don’t know, three or four days- and just for Madonna to upload it took 2+ hours. What is going on with iTunes?

Anyway, I think I’m going to start tracking my daily life- including playlists, outfits, recipies, etc…

On this….not that anyone reads this, but I don’t know…hmm..it’s an idea nonetheless.