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these two ladies are pretty fantastic! and not to mention it’s miss alida’s birthday today!! sooo bon anniversaire! they’re pretty snazzy girls and i think that they are very nice friends! (speaking of which, drew/alida, we should talk about the dinner party i mentioned before!!!)

in other news… it’s a 4 day weekend.  i’m so happy that i can sleep and make breakfasts and have fun and see really spectacular people.  i’ll hopefully pick up that film sooner rather than later, and scan some new shots up.  if not… eventually i suppose.  oh and that mixed tape is coming, it’s just taking longer than usual.

enfin's reality, music

surprise! this past weekend was wunderbar.  yes… back to my native tongue! it’s funny how quickly you can fall out of habit, but then, as if nothing happened, return to it as quickly as you fell out!


for starters- i hate fourth of july.  i always have, and i always will, and i suppose there are a few reasons behind this hatred.  one: i am not patriotic by any means.  surely, i do love living in the united states- solely because of freedom- and yes, generally i wouldn’t say that, because i feel as though some rights are most definitely hindered, but, today i am saying that.  two: drunks on the eastern promenade are not the sort of people i like sitting next to, while having them regurgitate on my blanket.  three: i’m not too big on fireworks- in fact, the only reason i watch them, is to hear them.  four: i think the color combination, red white and blue is rather tragic, and i hate seeing it plastered all over everyone who makes a big deal out of the frikin’ fourth of july.  five: i prefer bastille day.  to hell with america, vive la france!

but let’s back up.  today was unexpectedly grand.  trips to the beach with healthy vegetation, books galore, the clash & family.  not to mention miraculously warm waters to swim in, and even warmer temperatures and endless sunshine.  all this followed by a mid evening excursion to el rayo- which i initially protested, but now, after experiencing the dining, i have clearly changed my mind.  so fresh, so clean, so delicious, so divine.  i was rather pleased with el rayo- hence this.  dancing in the ghetto with sparklers and watching the fireworks from the roof was a nice night cap, and now i ready myself to sleep, just so i can awake, ride to the corporate sell-out spot, and then take another trip to the beach again.  rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.  so much fun, so happy it’s summertime.  it seems as if all my film keeps disappearing.  gone through 5 rolls this week- everything is adding up, and there is no ending in sight.  oceanic adventure beginning in one day.  what can i say? i’m looking forward to it, for both selfish reasons and reasons of pure selflessness (if that even existed).


i’ll eventually post a new mixtape for summer (i’m getting lazy, yet i’m balancing two blogs, and going on holidays often).  i’ll also try and scan some photos and get them posted too.  there is some sort of surprise in store regarding a revolutionary idea to re-amp a wonderful thing that portland is probably missing- and i plan on makin’ some creme brulee soon- so someone better buy me a blowtorch.  no more green for quite some time, and just because i thought of that, let’s chew on this- i hate pbr.  eff off hipster culture and cry me the nile.


postscriptum: i’ve had two very cute waiters this past week, hmm… oh yeah, jack johnson never changes, and i’ve decided that’s a wonderful thing! oh and to add to the local natives video featured up top- if you haven’t listened to gorilla manor, YOU MUST.

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no surprise there

happy st. patrick’s day

i woke up initially at 4am this morning, happy, and vivacious, but those characteristics and feelings dwindled as the morning progressed, in fact, i fell back asleep, and ended up being late to school.  i failed a math quiz…. and there’s no room for hope there.  by fail, i mean, less than a 60.  i know the material too, i just sort of froze up and the content of chapter 8 flew out of my mind.  so much for luck of the irish.  in english, i got the highest grade on the scarlet letter test, so i was happy about that.  but since first block, my hopes have been crushed.  crushed i tell you.  i’d really just like this day to end already. i know i should “cherish” every moment of every day, but on a day like this st. patty’s day, i don’t see that state of mind possible.

i’ve been working on a story, a good one, so that should be posted at some point today, probably with a weak ending.

i’m feeling: like i have no hope, tired, done with hell, a bit strained, happy its wednesday, ready for a coffee from rabs.  also, i’d lovee to dive into a book…a very well-known book, the sound and the fury by one of my favorite authors, William Faulkner.

enfin love.