enfin's reality

may mixedtape

here’s to may- the beginning of summer! & what about mixed tape month? well, enfin’s got a new one right here for you all to ecoutez and love.

side one

40 Day Dream- edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
Me and Mia- ted leo and the pharmacists
Burning Stars- mimicking birds
Girls FM- happy birthday
Strugglin’- k’naan
Betaphorm- spencer and the school spirit mafia
Balmy Night- department of eagles
Trouble No More- dark dark dark
Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)- beirut
Son’s Gonna Rise- citizen cope

side two

05- buena vista social club
Wedding Song- bob dylan
Everytime I’m With You- sparklehorse ft. jason lytle & danger mouse
Tandem Bikes- the lk
Black Water- edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
Hustle- tuung
Camera Talk- local natives
The Mariner’s Revenge Song- the decemberists
Man of the Hour- norah jones
The Cutter- echo and the bunnymen



make your way through dark caverns

dear readers,ย ย here is: february’s mixed tape edition!ย ย ย ย ย ย 

side a-ย 

waves of rye by the department of eaglesย 

ottoman by vampire weekendย 

patient patient by the morning bendersย ย 

island, IS by volcano choir

old school by danger doom/talib kweliย ย 

trouble comes knocking by timber timbreย ย 

to be alone with you by sufjan stevensย 

black coffee in bed by squeezeย ย 

ย lust for life by girlsย ย ย 

ballad of a thin man by bob dylanย ย 

ย ย ย ย 

side b-

vampire love by the misfits (no, i’m not actually a fan of vampires)

thieves in the night by hot chip

demon host by timber timbre

ferment in Dm by dark dark darkย 

i would be sad by the avett brothers

mount wrochlai (idle days) by beirut

self taught by brother ali

no one does it by the department of eagles

people II: the reckoning by andrew jackson jihadย 



post script: im feeling nostalgic, sad, exhausted, joints are achey, marilyn is ticking, candles are burning, the angels are lulling me to sleep, praying to the non-existing god for snow, kinda really want to ride my schwinn down the hallway, trout feels like a lapin. i also want to cook someone (anyone) a delicious meal, preferably with wine and baked pears proscuitto wrapped chicken with goat cheese and vinyl playing in the background.ย  meredith is up in 5 days.