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sober nobody wants you




the magnetic fields need to chill out a while, so i can stop listening to them ‘cos they’re my good gods. like bob dylan, they’re narrating my life. miss bela stole me away today and we engaged in gluttony…. consuming fries, blood red orange sorbetto, chocolate cake with chili pepper and coffee frosting, and mac & cheese.ย  we did not have the munchies mind you.ย  and we’re planning on seeing prince of persia tomorrow and then off we shall go to a photo excursion.ย  then i’m celebrating the end of the year at local with a over dinner and drinks and dessert.ย  off i will head to washington dc on june 13th! i’m looking forward to it as well as sos and hopefully skor.ย  we’ll find out soon. saturday: expecting visitors! brother cole and made brandi are coming down to celebrate summer and tests and stressful weeks ahead.ย  sunday i believe i will be headed to a wonderful yard sale and then i’m working 5-11.ย  driving to higgins monday where we’ll eat strawberries, indulge in the sunshine, drink some wine, and let loose.ย  thank mon dieu for giving me the break i deserve.ย  i’m developing tuesday, from 2-5 and then off to local for jazz, wednesday i’m scouring the farmers market and going on a picnic with miss lily who i haven’t seen/heard from in ages! the end of the year is certainly shaping up, thus i can’t help be anything but jubilant! ooers, thank the heavens for summertime. (cue sublime and l’s).





postscript: trout smells like gym sneakers…. & i gotta get too drunk to dream cos dreamin only makes me blue.

enfin's reality

uptown girl




this past weekend was rather lovely for a few reasons.ย  the first being being in the company of my family, who i adore ever so much- and enjoying the marriage of my cousin and her fiance.ย  they’re off to italy for ten days as of tomorrow- venice, florence, rome, and sicilly.ย  a nice deal to tell you the truth.ย  i’d like to be in their place right now- not to say that i have a fiance, or anything close for that matter, but it’d be nice to travel to italy for the next ten days.ย  i stayed up a bit too late last evening & drank too much wine (but i had an excuse this time, because it was inย fact a big italian wedding).ย  but the night turned to day and a & i made our way into cambridge once more to enjoy the 80 degree weather and two bacon cheeseburgers at tory rowe.ย  as an afterthought we spent sometime in LUSH and i ended up shelling out a bit too much cash on some soaps and masks and toners and all that lovely stuff.ย  we ended our day eating tiramisu frozen yogurt from JP licks and then travelling back to portland, only to be met with great sadness.ย  not to get my hopes up or anything, a is looking for work down in boston, so perhaps in a year or so we will be relocating (and that would be FINE in my book).



when this week ends, i have two weeks left- so bring on the finals, bring on the studying, the relentless weather, the miserable teachers, and antsy children, bring it on, and expect to be defeated by june 11th, 2010.ย  summer plans are getting ironed out so that they’re crisp and clear as of june 7th.ย  i’m hoping to travel to DC and south korea, as well as spend a good chunk of time in boston in the latter part of august as well as june.ย  july is jam-packed with all sorts of things (the SOS program, my grandfather, family gatherings, birthdays, and… maybe the pitchfork music fest!) i just would like to see how everything sorts themselves out, and i’m open to whatever happens.ย 

the fog is rolling in, my eyes are drooping like wilting petunias and i need to take my beauty sleep. i’m making a surprise dinner & dessert tomorrow…and on tuesday evening i will be listening to some jazz over drinks.

oh, and LOST, so insane, and i can’t even say if i liked the way it turned out yet. tomorrow, tomorrow.ย  go and sleep blogosphere.


enfin's reality



the night is wasting away. my tea is taking too long to steep, and my cats have made themselves busy frolicking around the house.ย  i don’t see myself sleeping because its so hot outside.ย  80 degrees. i want to go on a bike ride, but i have no one to join me, so i’ll stay in, work on my paper, read a bit of thoreau, and keep myself preoccupied.ย  i’m off to cambridge for the weekend- so we’ll see if i come back in one piece.


enfin's reality

sentiments & pbrs


first summer party was this evening out on the island. mr. I accompanied me, and we filled our stomachs with delicious food like curried rice & fresh tomatos and dry-rubbed turkey.ย  we drank quite a bit of crappy beer, balanced withย quite nice conversation, and found ourselves at enzo’s at 11 eating pizza and then watching SNL.

we were celebrating. celebrating our upcoming summer and how we’re going to have the time of our lives.ย  almond milk iced coffees, nimbus clouds, mid-afternoon cocktails on ships and endless laughs.ย  twas quite the day being in company with all those i have loved for quite some time. getting ready to comb out this birds nest that i refer to as my hair, and curl up with some tea, or maybe, on a night like this, pinot grigio, and fall asleep listening to some m.ward being one of those hipster posterchilds.

camera was worthless today- seeing as it had zero batteries and zero memory card. nice job enfin, you succeeded once again in documenting the very best of maine.ย  on a post script, i’ve decided that i’m just so enthused to be living how i’ve been living for the past month or so, and as far as changes go, i don’t care if they happen or not.ย  everything is all good because i’ve been content with everything that’s gone on.ย  waking up in 8 hours to greek yogurt, honey & mangoes and a reading excursion on the roof.

thank you deities.

love enfin.

ps: don’t mix the ribbon with sailing and rubber jelly sandals (worst idea in a long time)


enfin's reality

qu’est-ce que c’est?

i can’t wait to do this with friends dans l’ete.

enfinoui got a makeoverr. sorry if things aren’t visually pleasing right now, i’m still making changes, but i thought it was time for change, yes?ย this past weekend went rather quickly. i spent a wonderful amount of time with bela dearest, and i watched chocolat with isaac & then some rather terrifying crime show yesterday. a and i brunched at local today, celebrating how she is a wunderbar mother to me, not to mention our stumble down the congo 8 hours earlier than usual & drinking arabica’s beans & then falling asleep listening to bobdyl. needless to say i have pent up energy, and best yet, my buddy is coming up tomorrow! he is my grandfather and i love him ohh so much. if you knew buddy, you would too, he’s just the kind of person you love. i also have to play a tennis match, go to dinner, complete a rather lengthy english assignment as well as a math one too, & in addition steep some lemonn squeezer tea. did you notice that when you give up your hope for something, that’s when it usually happens? i dislike that… very much. i hope hell goes by incredibly rapidly tomorrow- i don’t need to dabble on those premises. summer time is embroaching, and i hope i can spend it with people i want to spend it with. do we think that’s a reasonable request, deities of summer? i hope you consider it an easy task.

enfinlove (whilst floating over babylon)