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ghoulash… eh

almost halloween… drinking too much pumpkin protein, haven’t left bard all day, and getting ready to make Uchi’s Pine Needle sorbet.  heading to the theatre in a bit to watch a drama/comedic film– wish me luck, it’s been a while since i’ve been able to sit still to see a movie.  good company kept today, what else can i say? just in a wonderful mood altogether.

going to hang up my wardrobe, take a warm shower, and then head out.

enjoy the fall, and don’t be a hooligan– unless you’re with me.



Post-Scriptum: fried bolgona sandwiches + fried chicken + arugula + crab cakes = dewicious

enfin's reality


throbbing headache.  i wonder why.  two nights of halloween festivities + classes on an early monday morning- not the best combination i’ve ever heard of.  all the eggs in the world couldn’t cure this ailment.  letter to frankenstein, cups of dark roast sans creme et sucre, cravin’ an update from lylz, and trying to be the good girl the world raised.

thinking a trip to pai men and material is in order.  lots of scary flicks tonight.