enfin's reality

i roller-skated to your door at daylight

making the best of the time that i have left in the states. sipping my fair trade organic iced coffee, and listening to my best friend’s girl. i’m trying to conjure up a packing list of some sort- but i do not know if i will come out successful. ย i need to accomplish a good amount before i peace out of america, though, knowing how i work, i probably won’t. ย i’ve been too productive in other areas this past week for me to get trivial shtuff done.

finally i can claim that i don’t deal with bullshit, so the fact that i currently am dealing with a good amount is not a bueno thing. ย in fact, the reason why i am dealing with it, is stupid. ย and the person involved is stupid. ย i just hate bullshit, yet i am dealing with it. ย and to that, i say, fuck you erika, fuck you.

i have been yanked out of my daily routine for the past month, and will be for the next 15 days. ย but oh. ย i am so angry. i need to let go of this anger. ย in fact, i do not even have a good reason to be angry, but i am, and its spewing rage. ย mixed messages are the worst, and you know what- that’s all i’m getting. ย i want to say i’m done, but i can’t no matter how hard i try. ย and even when i get to say, PEACE OUT AMERICA, i’m still going to be dealing with things that make me angry, so i do not know. ย i’m also quite scattered right now. ย so i cannot write well. ย save it for my farewell post demain.