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my friends find me funny

i’m alive and in good standing.  a new job, some great friends, wonderful evenings, and a few questionable decisions, yet i’m here, in good health, and in a wonderful spirit.  photos are being developed, scanned, and of course organized.  apologize for being like a ghost… i just am not a reliable blogger.

pardon my sporadic appearances, they’ll return to being normal at one point in the future.

for now,

xoxo– enfin

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these two ladies are pretty fantastic! and not to mention it’s miss alida’s birthday today!! sooo bon anniversaire! they’re pretty snazzy girls and i think that they are very nice friends! (speaking of which, drew/alida, we should talk about the dinner party i mentioned before!!!)

in other news… it’s a 4 day weekend.  i’m so happy that i can sleep and make breakfasts and have fun and see really spectacular people.  i’ll hopefully pick up that film sooner rather than later, and scan some new shots up.  if not… eventually i suppose.  oh and that mixed tape is coming, it’s just taking longer than usual.

enfin's reality

the livin’s easy

it’s been a while, but i’m back in maine and i’m really sad.  i met a group of people from new orleans, that i really bonded with, and for the first time in my entire life, i have felt completely accepted for who i am, and didn’t have to try to act another way.  i’m not even sure where to begin, because dc was phenomenal.  we were delayed a day though because our plane broke down, so sunday, i stayed at PWM for 13 hours before being told to go home.  i wish we had been on time, just so i could have spent more time with everyone.  jay millz was my roomate, and she liked to rap and play harmonica, sans her i would have been beaucoup lonely.  i was adopted by the new orleans crowd, and i was really happy.  we did the tourist thing- ie goin’ to the mall and the monuments and what not. but we also went to baltimore and annapolis. everynight we ordered cheesy bread and had a party in 125, and we were always late for curfew.  we’d get crunk to drake, and sleep a total of four hours before heading out into the humid wretched d.c. weather.  i’ll miss them all so dearly, but am planning to visit them come mardi gras and they’re planning on coming up for the summer/winter. i really will miss shakila, jourdan, joroyd, and kortney. our adventures were better than the majority i’ve shared with my friends in portland, and i feel a bit shunned because they’re all lucky and go to school with one another, whereas i’m stuck in maine sans the NO crew. this morning was really upsetting, i woke up at 5am, and packed and what not, then woke up joroyd and we went outside to talk for a while, but were interrupted when the troops from maine and hawaii came outside, so then we rushed to get my stuff loaded onto the bus, and had a sad good bye together, same with shakila and jourdan.  *they even chased after the bus with blown kisses and sad faces* i really appreciate them as people and even though our time was short, i feel like i learned a lot about them.  as of now, i’m super tired, seeing as i haven’t had a real night’s sleep in over a week and a half.  maybe my round trip ticket from airtran that i got from waiting for 13hrs, will get me to new orleans, if not it will get me to san fransisco.  i will do a proper update tomorrow while i’m working.  for now, enfin bids the blogosphere good evening!