enfin's reality

mr. hemingway please.




the ice in above photos clearly depict my heart’s current condition.

oh so its friday. and i survived it. because now its techincally saturday. a brief synopsis of yesterday. one: i got a new job. pushing clothes on rich ladies. let’s see how long that lasts. two: i bought some art. a photograph and a painting of michael jackson. three: my mind. stoc. incense burns. four: angry, spiteful, rage is bubbling. brewing even. five: i’ve read two pieces of literature today that have used the simile: cold as a witches’ teat. what the fuck? six: fire trucks roaring on the congo. nice way to spice up my nightlife. seven: he can suck it.

friday….first friday. interesting altogether, and yes, interesting is vague, but i intend on keeping this vague.  weather is warming up, thankfully. tomorrow or today, or whatever is now, will be filled with busi-ness. working my new job 10-3, and then workin’ my normal job 3-5. i will also be celebrating miss bela’s birthday after that. and i guess i’ll take a long evening bike ride on my journey home. i can’t quite claim happiness today, or yesterday… whenever friday was. i saw his stupid face and i couldn’t be more angry. stupid gawking eyes…flickering behind those stupid spectacles. done with him. done with that.

anger..brew, sizzle bang.