enfin's reality

empire state


i can’t complain with anything that’s happened lately- besides the possible and probable election of LePage as our new govenor.  at any rate, everything else has been so fantastic.  i’ve been eating lots of veggies and drinking lots of pumpkin protein.  i started wuthering heights- so far, so good.  i’ve worked more than usual, which translates to more cash than usual.  i’ve spent time with some pretty good friends in the past 7 days which has made me happier than usual, and not to mention, i’m seeing them again very soon. lots of turkey bacon and tomatoes and spinach. scary movies, stupid tv, quality music, etc etc.


as each day passes, i’m more content than the day prior.  i wish i could explain this in a different way, but there are a few reasons why i cannot.  i desperately want to relay my current joys to someone, though i’m a tad bit nervous to do so.  perhaps after all this time, luck will help me out, and things will work out for the best. crush crush crush.  no more leaves to crunch crunch crunch.