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smokin that !@#%

rest in peace blank roll of film.  i don’t remember what images decorated your frames, but i’m sure i would have liked most of them.  here are some more film-scans.

we were on a boat, 30 miles out. le crew de sos.

ms shrada’s self-portrait.

independence day- anna joyce

pemaquid point- woke up to this for two weeks.

pre-max’s emergency room visit

along 101

this wins favorite photo of the past three months.

greek yoghurt gods smiled at me.

monhegan, maine.

i plan on sittin’ on the porch and sipping a corona with lime soon.  how soon, i do not know.  but plans usually formulate in my world.

tomorrow: relaxing, beach, falls, baseball game with family involved, beginning to pack shiet up for SKOR.  so enthused.  hope i don’t shoot blank rolls in korea. so excited, so excited. kim jong il better greet me with open arms, and a bottle of vin.



numbers are a man-made science

In regards to…




today, i awoke with a feeling so dim and desolate i thought i could’ve been a character in any short story of Edgar Allen Poe.  i learned a few things: people in coffee shops are growing increasingly ignorant and nosy, the earlier you write papers the better they tend to be,  the application of constant pressure on oneself is detrimental, and i don’t care for matches or any other implements that can be used to create fire.

right now, an hour before i retire to my down comforter, i feel: anxious, as though i have lost all methods of concentration, a bit of spite towards the unknown, false hope, and lastly indifferent to the opinion of people.

my clock regulates my thoughts- how kim jong il of me.  wake me up when the world knows how to say, “I love you,” opposed to “i luv u”.

ever yours,


just as a post script: i’d really enjoy finding someone who would also be willing to blog on enfin, or even go on a few photography expeditions.  let me know! xx.