enfin's reality

cravings- what’s going on with iceland?


wouldn’t it be great if every day was like today? serene and warm and filled with little pleasures like homemade iced tea with mint sprigs, trips to cambridge, and repeats of project runway? stuffed peppers and my uncle’s infamous meatballs topped off this evening, and an outing to JP Licks is in order within the next hour or so. black coffee on the porch at 9am, and walks in the arboritum. i just love my boston life. i have a lot of work to do now, seeing as i’m back in my home region- research papers of faulkner’s work, math work, and science prep- big time. in addition, i have practice daily, work (hopefully not daily), visits with beautiful bela, and a tea outing. then the low anthem show at space, norms for dinner, greek salads and brunch at local. wonderfully busy, yet that’s just how i like it. i have film to develop, books to devour, recipes to make, and bike rides to take. tomorrow… 4/20. what a day. not that i care. in any way shape or form. so to my friends who choose to indulge in the herb- have fun, don’t be stupid, and remember, jesus liked canibis too. bus ride at some point tomorrow. coming home with a closet load of vintage frocks, and 90s drab. hair needs to be trimmed and i really HAVE to do my homework…by thursday at the latest.

i could go for some chocolat croissants and a cup of mint tea.