enfin's reality

feelin glad i got sunshine


i hate to be contrary, but the only thing that adds to happiness is the company ofΒ a really awesome person.Β  lately i’ve been in such high spirits… i wonder why ?!?!!! smiles.Β  i’m not one to elaborate on much of my personal life, and today won’t be the start of a new trend, but i’m really happy, and i hope that i stay this way for a while longer.Β  it’s a total sense of complete tranquility, that is unachieveable, at least as i’ve disovered, through yoga alone.Β  you know what’s really imporant? respect.Β  it just is.Β  don’t question the thought.Β 


winter is coming.Β  my socks aren’t doing their job.Β  i hate snow.Β  i forgot about that.Β  i like the first month of snow when its pretty and not cold but come january, it’s brown, and frozen and just terrible.



three more days off, so very excited.Β  today promises a lot of smiles.Β  a much awaited reservation at vignola on saturday evening with the clan, and then who knows where the night will lead us? i haven’t been cooking too much lately because i’ve been sick with a terrible little bug that constricts your throat and makes you weak in the knees.Β  hopefully you don’t get it.


why does cascada, daft punk, and DJ sammy always make me think “abercrombie”?

rocks in my throat and shutty eye

tomorrow:Β chocolate protein shake, sillys, blue eyes, bowlin’, cuddles.



i tried to tell you but my pride…


anger spills from my veins that pump the thick bellacose blood to all vital zones of my weakened anatomy. my eyes flicker with rage, not something entirely uncommon of me. you are not what i initially thought. and yes, i presumed that you were someone who cared, someone who had a purpose. but its obvious, after weeks of silence, that i was dead wrong. instead of being pleasant, you’ve witnessed me being hostile. new concept, right? as if you really noticed. with words exchanged, through vivid imagery, and concepts of only an allegory, my heart pounded at a pace i cannot bare to speak of. i, awaited your responses, as loyally as a canine to his master. and i awaited for years and years, and on top of those years, even more years. time passed, and i rarely grew tired of waiting, because, upon meeting you, i knew you were the sort of person who required a lot of waiting around for.

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