enfin's reality

headed out at daybreak

needless to say, this photo is rad and terrifying at the same time.ย  rebecca took it…. and it’s almost like, sniper vision.ย  i don’t know.ย  her zoom quality sucks ass, but it also makes me look pretty chic, what with some dark dark lipstick against my pale pale skin.ย  truth be told- i ain’t wearin’ lippy.ย  but i pretty much adore the photo because i’m next to jourdan and joroyd and i look pale, so woohoo.ย  oh yes.ย  this was taken in DC on the way to chinatown.ย  it makes me miss my friends from the NO but i know that i’ll seem ’em when the time is buku right.

on a different note- let’s move past this evening and missing bear in heaven.ย  i was with miss bela today, and we didn’t do much besides go to the shmall and turn into the lame droids.ย  yesterday was interesting enough though.ย  i divulged my life to my therapist- not really, but in essence, sort of.ย  i scored some vintage frocks and a skirt at the clothing swap and gained 20 pounds from the tortellini pizza that otto’s makes so darn well.ย  meredith arrived home today- though i haven’t seen her yet.ย  morning adventure as of tomorrow- with film & tea and being in the sunraysย  on the pier.ย  let’s hope for a wonderful & packed week coming up.

is it possible for me to be a lovesick teenager without a lover? i feel justified to say yes.ย  i’m in love with life, with the sun, with good company, healthy food, no sleep, literature, conversations, and letting loose.ย  miss bela said she’d help me revive my lookbook, so i’m oh so glad.ย  it’s been way overdue, me posting my outfits- and i even considered starting a fashion blog, but why, when i can use lookbook to my advantage? we’ll be doing a shoot on this upcoming wednesday, and maybe i’ll have a mini one prior to that date, just to ease the folks before going all out on em.



ps; i miss my almond soy milk- instead i’ve been drinkin’ cuke infused water and lots and lots of caffine. fuck the regimine- let me be who i am and drink what i want. yes, that includes some white wine sangria and a pbr on the side… SHHHH.

enfin's reality

sans une tete

it’s been quite the weekend- rather long, beginning friday at 10am ending in about 7 hours.ย  it goes without saying, i always have a nice time on memorial day.ย  lovely things that happened included, seeing miss bela b and having a brief relapse in old habits, standard baguettes with mon petit frere followed by vin blanc and a late night trip to dairy queen, splurging on a never worn, perfect fit lily pulitzer white cable knit sweater, minding my caffine at l’arabica, not sleeping, making meringue and listening to the ultimate tunes.

summer is rapidly approaching, i’m trying to lose ten pounds by eating yoghurt, berires, and small helpings of protein, but i doubt i will.ย  almond milk is my h20, i suppose i should try and fix that.ย  my camera has run out of batteries and the others are out of film, and i am out of all monetary funds.ย  i’m really excited for this upcoming week to end- and sort of begin, because i get to see quite a few people who i haven’t been able to enjoy the company of in quite a while.ย  with the weekend comes a sigh of relief, a clothes swap, and an endless study session. exams begin the 8th and end the 11th.ย  then i’m off to dc where i will be for a mere five days, however, i plan on visiting cambridge on the way back.ย  end of the year celebration is scheduled on june 11th at bresca at nine. reservation for two, and mr. i will be accompanying me i presume. due dates are diminishing and my school sac is growing lighter by the day. oh what a joy to be this close to liberty. highlights of the upcoming week: darkroom processing, farmer’s mkt, west end picnic with liliiiiy, milkshakes and car-ride with camjones, and sharing moments with miss bela.


9 days


enfin's reality

sober nobody wants you




the magnetic fields need to chill out a while, so i can stop listening to them ‘cos they’re my good gods. like bob dylan, they’re narrating my life. miss bela stole me away today and we engaged in gluttony…. consuming fries, blood red orange sorbetto, chocolate cake with chili pepper and coffee frosting, and mac & cheese.ย  we did not have the munchies mind you.ย  and we’re planning on seeing prince of persia tomorrow and then off we shall go to a photo excursion.ย  then i’m celebrating the end of the year at local with a over dinner and drinks and dessert.ย  off i will head to washington dc on june 13th! i’m looking forward to it as well as sos and hopefully skor.ย  we’ll find out soon. saturday: expecting visitors! brother cole and made brandi are coming down to celebrate summer and tests and stressful weeks ahead.ย  sunday i believe i will be headed to a wonderful yard sale and then i’m working 5-11.ย  driving to higgins monday where we’ll eat strawberries, indulge in the sunshine, drink some wine, and let loose.ย  thank mon dieu for giving me the break i deserve.ย  i’m developing tuesday, from 2-5 and then off to local for jazz, wednesday i’m scouring the farmers market and going on a picnic with miss lily who i haven’t seen/heard from in ages! the end of the year is certainly shaping up, thus i can’t help be anything but jubilant! ooers, thank the heavens for summertime. (cue sublime and l’s).





postscript: trout smells like gym sneakers…. & i gotta get too drunk to dream cos dreamin only makes me blue.