enfin's reality


happy february! or, as most people in new england would beg to differ, sad february.  who knew that one day could bring along so much hype and end with such sorrow.  well, for all those who suffered a loss this evening- i’m sure tom brady will do his best to patch things up next year.  moving on…

so far, this month has been ridiculous.  i’ve had the strangest encounters in quite some time- odd reconnections, get-togethers that have rendered tears and stormy emotions, yearnings which i’m tried to oppress (yet continue to have?), a weird allergy attack, and incessant hints at something that shouldn’t be hinted at.  strange tides.  what else is there to say?

one of my best friends just arrived back in the united states, and i’m so glad that i get to see her tomorrow.  it’s an overdue reunion that just needs to happen.  this week yields a particularly interesting lineup of events in addition to my reunion, a knife-skills lesson, followed by a comprehensive meeting for portland’s underground dining club, a dessert date, an appointment to finish (or start?) my sleeve with Gemma, triple shifts, and bread-pudding perfecting trials.  it’s just an interesting feeling… to be sought after (for company and things of that nature).  i’m just not used to it.  if only, if only, i could just find myself in a position i was in a few months ago- warm and not alone.  i miss it.