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i love you, i like you, i hate you.


you have no idea how much i want some mcdonalds right now. it’s somewhat embarassing that i’m craving this heart-attack renderer, but it looks so good, and i’ve been eating tofu for the past three weeks.  this past holiday weekend left a bitter taste in my mouth.  while i love extra days off, i felt as though all my visits with a myriad of friends lacked something.  saturday i was full of remorse and could barely conjure up enough strength to get out of my jammies to meet the day.  tis why i stayed inside until late that evening when i decided to venture outward, as to party until the sun came up.  ironically, i chose not to, and instead found myself sitting across from fortman at norms engrossed in a conversation with two of my favorite regulars- bruce and tom.  the remainder of the weekend kind of fell flat, i feel justified to say.  i cooked dinner sunday evening for M & A and produced this wonderful dessert consisting of phyllo dough, hazelnuts, sugar, maple syrup infused whipped cream, and strawberries.  i also caught the end titles of Mad Men with Mr. I.


Monday brought about endless piles of half-completed homework.  i drank too many cups of caffine, and i fell asleep without being properly prepared for what tuesday would bring.  now i find myself, on this wonderful wednesday evening, a day ahead of schedule, with a throbbing headache.  marilyn monroe is regulating my thoughts per usual, and i have been filled with a sensation of contentedness, and i know not why.


to celebrate the month of october, i am reading frankenstein, which proves to be everything pride and prejudice was not.  this is engaging, captivating, and vivid, where as jane austen’s masterpiece was a somber critique of the social evolution of 19th century england.  i found a wonderful recipe for panna cotta, which i’m so enthused by.  i’m unsure as to whether or not i want to pursue that tomorrow evening, or if i’d prefer baking a blackberry fig pie.  saturday renders those horrible standardized tests, though i’m in part glad, because then i will be able to sleep all afternoon with a proper excuse.  i’m trying to allot myself time to keep adding to my play, though i seem to be losing more time than i am gaining it.  so it goes, i suppose.  i’ve decided that it’s time to go back to therapy, seeing as i could use another POV that isn’t biased and comes from someone familiar.

i’ll drop off film tomorrow or on friday… depending on how productive i’d like to be.


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guess i’ll see you in hell

i know my shenanigans never interest you guys, but at the moment, my story is on a brief hiatus, seeing as…my mind isn’t working as i wish it would.  so i’ll probably post a poem in a bit.  but for now, some inspirations and a few updates.

one: second day in a row where our bio teacher is out! i rushed to hell, overwhelmed to get my notes printed on time… come to find out, he’s not here, so i suppose that’s a relief.  two: i hate st. patrick’s day, oh so much.  the people who celebrate it are obnoxious and immature.  they’ve just turned the day into an excuse to get completely smashed and blame it on their culture- although all the irish people i know, and keep in mind that I am in fact, Irish, are not irresponsible when consuming ample amounts of alcohol.  not to say it isn’t fun for a bit, but in all truth, it’s amateur night.  three: thankfully this week is going by quicker than originally expected.  i fixed my bike ehtel up yesterday and we went for a ride, then the day prior i went on a picnic with chinese food on the west end and sketched in charcoal.  the weather is utterly delicious- 60s everyday.  this morning i began to panic because i thought i heard the pitter patter of rain falling on my windowsill.  thankfully it was just the sound of white noise, and the sun greeted me ever so kindly.  four: i need to avoid the music that i’ve been listening to lately, ie: misfits, joan jett, and braid.  however much i do care for punk, i don’t care enough to have it dictate my life, danke! five: i am more broke than a broker, (instantrimshot.com) no really! i haven’t been able to work all week.  i have 3 dollars to my name which will have disappeared by the end of today.

hello inspirations, you warm my little beater (heart) on a lovely thursday like today!

oh lovely, andy and edie

and just edie!

as far as dreams go, last evening’s were particularly lucid.  and they were nightmares.  first dream was basically a parody off of night of the living dead, which i didn’t really mind being in my dream, but i was a zombie…so i had little part in my own dream.  i had to watch this bitch from school get the role of barbara (not that i’d want to be barbara, but still) and it just was pathetic.  dream two: i was sitting on the couch in my piercer’s shop, and he came out and told me to come out back, so i did, i was planning on getting another stud in my nose, but when i got back, he wanted me to play this horrendous video game which involved shooting vietnamese people and then whenever you did a cat would pop out of the TV.  third nightmare, i was on the telephone with this very delicious thai restaurant (Veranda Thai) and everything I ordered they said they couldn’t make.  then a delivery boy came to my door and stabbed me in the stomach.  the walls were morphing into sky, and my vision changed from colored to sepia.  i had two people in my house who turned into animated characters, and my cats, trout and sassy, turned into these ferocious beast, tiger-like fierce felines, who knocked over a cooler filled with PBR and Cranberry juice. Oh man, i don’t know what was goin’ on with my head last evening.

i plan on biking around and taking pictures and sketching if the afternoon allows it.

im feeling: sleepy but refreshed, a bit on edge from the night terrors, the writer’s itch, Das Weiße Band, the weather is in my favour, looking for a big cup of caffine to soothe this tormenting headache of mine.