I never give you guys a break… do I?

interesting title- right? well, sorry I had to use it to get you here… I’ve finally compiled a list of blog I visit regularly and am including it on this page. I also have links to my other blogs WHICH, you should totally check out and share with friends!(if links don’t work, tell me I’ll fix em)

Enfin.oui’s Tumblr Account


Vin et Grub~ my foodie blog

Favorite blogs (beside my own)

Elinkan: A Swedish girl who has a great sense of style!

Bleubird Vintage: lovely blog- trust me.

Kennedy Holmes: my neighbor to the south blogger, bonjour boston

hedvig: the swedes are good bloggers i tell you!

stars: ….local and i like her photos

and last but not least for now at least..haha

mahayanna: so french, so great.

most recent and my absolute favorite (besides my own…)

disorientationski: photo blog by my dearest M and all her shenanigans tend to be posted, the once vivareveur, now strikes again with this double threat.

douja: this one knows how to write lovely (and i mean that) poetry. read her stuff… you may tear up.

caocethes scribendi: i really like his writing…poems, shorts, etc.  plus i’m super lucky to know him!


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