2013: a recap

the past year has altogether been wonderful.  i’ve done a lot of growing over the last twelve months, which was something i didn’t necessarily expect.  i discovered two new homes- martha’s vineyard and st. john.  i’ve made countless friends, lost some of course, produced beautiful plates, burnt simple syrups time and time again, taken risks, fell in love, had my heart broken, moved on and far away.  i have found myself elated, confused, proud, exhausted, sick, gloriously happy, scared, and ready.  2013 was much more than i assumed it would be.  i moved away from my home.  got rid of all my belongings.  started over.  there have been points where i’ve been so lost and so confused.  of course those points have been countered by other times where i’ve been incredibly happy.  at the moment, i’m not too sure exactly how it is i feel.  perhaps it’s island life that has installed the innate sense of leisure and indifference in me as of late.

i miss my longtime friends.  i miss the quiet.  i miss my own space.  i miss pastry.

i love the beach.  the sunshine in december.  the ocean.  the leisure.

i need: a challenge.  a genuine friend.  inspiration.  pep talks.

from 2013 i’ll never forget: the final cloak & dagger.  the summer on martha’s vineyard.  having my heart broken.  creating a stronger bond with my best friends, annie and meredith.  moving to the virgin islands.

in terms of 2014 i hope for: inspiration, courage, friends, love, endless sunshine, challenge, growth.

01/13: c&d 10: tapas in my tiny apartment, my chickadee tattoo, hugo’s stage.
02/13: valentine’s day at zen with johnny & nicholas, leaving FaT, watching copious amounts of television, a bad bout of the flu.
03/13: c&d 11: manhattan, the dutch, petite jacqueline, prune.
04/13: working at leroux, moving out of ho chi minh tail, porch times with chess, wine and cheese.
05/13: the final cloak and dagger, moving to martha’s vineyard, watching cheers every goddamn night.
06/13: absolute and utter shock, care packages, anna comes to the vineyard.
07/13: annie visits the vineyard, dia de los muertos tattoo outline, taking back my kitchenaid, bresca & the honeybee, 4th of julliet
08/13: catering, boston red sox with cole, boston trips, date nights with annie, romanian parties, moving back to portland.
09/13: reconnections and missed connections, dinners with alex, autumn arrives in portland, family gatherings.
10/13: enjoying the crunching leaves, dates walking dogs, fearfest AMC, arrival in paradise.
11/13: 80 degree temps, bvi boat trip, blended drinks: bbc, bushwacker, etc, thanksgiving without turkey.
12/13: coral bay discovery, not home for the holidays, one cheery christmas present, working working working– i ain’t slept in weeks.


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