Per usual, things have gone awry.  I don’t mind.  Despite the fact that I feel like I’m floundering and alone.  But the one nice thing that comes of this is that I can go wherever I like, in good time.  Be it to Manhattan, the Bahamas, Montreal, Rome, or back home to Vietnam, the possibilities are endless.  Except for here in Portland.  I can’t stay here for long, as it’s such a fucking hostile town.  I am done investing in people that have never and will never reciprocate my friendship.  I am happy to be free from such negative and aimless energies.  Fuck that.  I don’t need it.  Nobody does.

I am looking forward to watching Autumn unfold here on the West End though.  Just until I get my feet back, and am off again to some unknown destination.  This I have come to accept, and know that in time, all things will work themselves out.

I can’t wait for: Harvard Lecture Series, MV on 9/17-9/20, Family Wedding, MTL, and visits with my Romanian Chicas.  I also am hoping, maybe evening begging/praying, to hear back from new opportunities.  St. Johns? The Bahamas? SoHo? Greenwich, CT? Phu Giao? Just send me in the right direction and I’ll keep my focus.


POST SCRIPT: Feeling like a friend binge is on the verge of happening.


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