so i know that no matter how i phrase this post, it’ll be subject to some scrutiny.  but be that as it may, i figure this would be an appropriate time to try and convey my thoughts exactly at this moment.

i returned to maine for a short piece of time this past week, and while i dreaded the return, and certain parts of everyday, i’d have to say the take away was worth the trouble.  i realized that there are a lot of people in portland that i truly love and care for.  to everyone i saw: thank you.  thank you for being genuinely good people. annie, thanks for being the best friend a person could ask for.  anna, thanks for absolutely everything.  krista, thanks for the inspiration and the advice.  (don’t worry, i’ll only return to ME to eat your white pepper orange blossom sorbet).  josh, thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin.  johnny, thanks for the bottomless friendship.  val, thanks for letting me vent, and for confiding in me with the details of U.S. damian, thanks for making me realize what i have to offer, where i can go, and what i can do.  (i am so happy for you and for ilma & for ilma iv)!! sean/adam/travis/miles, thanks for being my boys from time to time. kate, thanks for being a great aunt!

you guys rule.  and i love you all.  if i could shove you guys in my pocket and take you wherever i end up, i would.  but know that i love you all and am grateful for everything.

even with all those wonderful faces, i still felt more positive than ever, that my departure from portland was the right decision.  i need a breath of fresh air, new people to inspire me, new sights to see, and new air to breathe.  i can handle negative energy, just not the sort that i’ve been subject to in portland for so long.  i need new people in my life, and that’s why i’m excited for everything to keep unfolding.  Spain in 2014 is such an exciting thing.

not to mention, i’m excited to see it with two very close friends.

i’ll send more updates soon.  until then,




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