everything’s turning for the better

so i’m also reluctant to share the amazing past few days i’ve had, but in all honesty, I need to get it off my chest.  I couldn’t have asked for a better 48 going on 72 hours.  It all started with  a trip to the Black Dog, which included a pile of ribs, fried oysters, crab cakes, and a sneak preview of a reality tv show.  What followed was just as good, if not better.  6 hours of endless conversation mixed with Whites, Cheers, and Archer, as well as vodka tonics, brought me to realizing, “oh shit, it’s 5am.” a few hours of sleep were disturbed easily by a wonderful sunrise and birds chirping.  cold showers to wash away the humidity driven sweat, and then 2 hours at mott’s sipping coffee, talking about everything we hadn’t.  a 6k sale to the owners of vineyard vines, along with hawaiian pizza, greek salad, fries, and snapple on the porch with one of my great friends cori helped ease me into the evening.  good jams, and online shopping held me until 11, when company was met, and whites was played.  good sleep interrupted yet again by a beautiful sunrise, was countered with more motts, and an early morning beach trip.  we headed to west tis farmers market, ate popovers with strawberry butter, and then found my favorite comfort food.  baguettes, shanghai tofu, egg rolls, spring rolls, and cold noodle salad.  iced vietnamese coffee.  smokes.  laughs in the shade.  traveled to edgartown, laid down to cool off, went thrift shopping, found a $3 copper stock pot.  ended up at btb, where i had the most pleasant iced peach tea, and avocado and trout toasts.  reading the bread tray.  loving my new friends, and a few of my old ones.  now, beach, stronger tanlines needed.  a night to follow with company that i’ve become fond of, and a day like tomorrow to use on a whim.

my luck has turned right around.

portland, i’m never coming back.

i’ve also decided on spain.  january 7th, 2014, stage at extebarri commences.


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