now i know

it’s been a day full of nostalgia- with films, music, food, and friends.  i’ve realized just how great the last year was.  how happy, successful, sad, prosperous, and fun it turned out to be.  and now i await what’s around the corner.  i hope it happens.  i don’t want to see it sans toi.

i’d forgotten the magic of edward sharpe.  after all this time i’m still a sucker for 40 day dream.

a light dinner of steamed silken tofu, coconut rice, cilantro, and chilis.

a light snack of burnt toast, radish, butter, and cheese.

some time spent packing a box that’s being prepared to travel some distance.

some time spent listening to oldies.  and sad ones as well.

i’m feeling ok.

i miss my friends though.  meredith.  annie.  anna.  nicholas.  johnny.  isaac.  i love you all.


janglin on to my own beat.  building terrariums in my sleep.  in desperate need of the sun and  berries.  and a big fucking negroni.  campari, vermouth, gin, i miss your wonderful qualities.  and hey, a big ol’ vodka martini is also missed.  just not as much as the following, zen, and the porch is missed.


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