right around the corner//i’ll never forget it

this summer is bringing quite a bit of change to my life, and while i’m excited, i will admit that the next 5 days are hanging over me like ominous clouds.  i’m going to miss some irreplaceable people and places in portland.  and while i’m not overseas yet, it’s still sad to have to say good bye.  especially when it’s not necessarily an easy good bye.

but after the next five days, then i can say that i’ll be making active changes.  i’m going back to being a vegetarian, which i never thought i’d ever say, but i think that i honestly need to cleanse. i’m going back to practicing yoga, reading books, and making my dinners.  i’m going back to being alone for the majority of my time.  i’m nervous and excited and sad.  and i’m overwhelmed.  i don’t want to lose the people i have back here, and can honestly say, that i really am concerned about that.  i hope that i don’t.  but i know that i will.

i am, in all truth, feeling lost.  and i have no idea what to expect.  so i’m just going to feel for the next five days.  and savor every moment.


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