plans and maps (head over heels)

i was vague in the last post, and that of course is one of my biggest pet peeves.  clarification is always necessary (unless it’s for romantic mystery of course), so here goes exactly that.  some clarification for those interested.

i’m leaving portland as quickly as humanly possible.  i’m headed to denmark, sweden, greece, italy, and france for the summer.  what will i be doing? farming and reading.  i can’t take much more of portland before i officially snap.  getting out of here is what i’ve needed for such a long time, and now i’ve decided to finally pull the trigger.  i’m beyond anxious and excited for my journey, but at the same time, slightly morose to leave behind three individuals (plus family, of course) in portland.

these three have meant so much to me in the past year.  they’ve been my biggest supporters, my best friends, and my closet family.  i love them all dearly, and am sad to be unable to physically share my upcoming experiences with them.

what i’ll miss: our weekly dinners talking about anything from conspiracy theory to jackie chan, indulgences in the occasional downer, and the unmistakable quirky guidance.  i’ll miss times spent on the back porch, sitting in the sun, drinking coffee, cooking together, watching copious amounts of television, chinese food and cocktails, wednesday farmer’s markets, each other’s stubbornness.  i’ll miss wine time, arguing, reality tv show, cozy abodes, mutual dependence.  i’ll miss so much more.  so much more.

you’ll all be on my mind.  there’s no way around that.

but here’s to the future.  to europe, and then to asia.  and from there, who knows? everything’s up in the air, and for once, i’ve never felt more relieved to be without a plan.


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