in all truth

it’s been a crazy start to 2013.  with the launch of my new pop-up, the chinese laundry, a manhattan cloak and dagger on the horizon, and searching for a new job, things have been slightly overwhelming.  not to mention, i can’t help but find my mind constantly wandering to this upcoming september, when i will be leaving and heading to vietnam for an unknown amount of time.

at the same time, i’ve been seeking out the simple pleasures in life to keep myself grounded.  brewing coffee in the morning, flipping through books, walking on treacherous sheets of ice, and cuddling with my darling trout.

i don’t know what to make of the people around me- as i’ve been disappointed lately.  i don’t think there’s more to it than that.  though i will stand by the sentiment that i wish things were more stable in so many regards, and in so many friendships.  too bad the social sector of my life feels like a sinking ship.  alas, que sera, sera.


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