Just a tidbit

It’s nearing the holidays, and while I’m excited I find myself thinking constantly of other events in the near future.

The start of the Chinese laundry in addition to cloak and dagger’s manhattan dinner are preoccupying most of my time, but I’m also thinking to September and my long term trip to Vietnam and Southeast Asia. I can’t begin to explain just how elated and relieved I am to know where I’ll be next fall. From here, it seems like a while away, but as I’ve realized quite recently, time flies when you’re looking forward to something. I miss the heat, the routine, and the familial aspects that I experienced last May, and thus I think I’ve acquired that feeling of wanderlust.

I can’t help but wonder where I’ll head after my stint in Vietnam– there’s a part of me that would love to go to Spain and Scandinavia, to experience in short what they have to offer. Also, I suppose anything to prolong my return to the States is a beneficial thing too. Hopefully, between now and September, I can get away one more time, only to appease the consuming feeling of wanderlust that I’ve been plagued with since my journey to Korea 3 years ago.


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